Why Aston Villa fans love eSports

Aston Villa fans are regarded as some of the most passionate in the Premier League. With manager Steven Gerrard at the helm, its entirely possible that Villa could sneak a place in the top 6 in the 2022/23 season. Despite the result the weekend, exciting times lie ahead.

Away from Villa Park, Aston Villa fans also enjoy watching eSports events but what exactly are eSports and why do fans enjoy them so much?

What are eSports?

In case you don’t know, eSports events are professional video game tournaments in which players compete to win real-money prizes and rewards.

Nowadays, eSports events are streamed on all kinds of gaming platforms, from YouTube to Twitch. Unsurprisingly, eSports are very popular with football fans – particularly Villa ones. Here’s why:

You can place bets

In the Premier League, betting culture is a big thing. At both home and away matches, Villa fans love to place bets both before and during the action, as it’s incredibly exciting. For example, on the opening day of the 2022-23 season, lots of Villa fans would have bet on Villa to beat Bournemouth away (although we all know how that ended!).

However, it’s also fun to place bets on other competitions that don’t involve Aston Villa, and eSports are a great example of this. When watching video game tournaments, you can place bets the same way you would on a Villa game. To do this, simply click here.

It’s a lot of fun

Throughout a typical Premier League season, there are usually a handful of breaks, from international holidays to the Christmas period.

During this time, if you’re someone who wants something else to do, you can’t go wrong with eSports. The tournaments are super fun to watch on Twitch and a great way to kill some time whenever you need it.

You can improve your gaming skills

When people watch eSports, they often find that it helps them improve their gaming skills. For example, if you like Call of Duty, you’ll be able to learn new strategies and approaches simply by watching COD eSports tournaments. Then, if you get really good, you can start playing in tournaments yourself!

Generally speaking, popular eSports games include League of Legends, Call of Duty, and Dota 2. However, Call of Duty has started to lose players over recent years! In any case, if these games appeal to you, make sure to check out upcoming events that involve them.

FIFA Is a Big Part of the eSports World

To conclude this article, it’s impossible not to mention that FIFA is a big part of the eSports world. Throughout the year, EA (and other companies) help arrange tons of eSports tournaments where the best FIFA players in the world gather to compete against each other.

s an Aston Villa fan, this will likely be of interest to you. After all, most Villa fans love to play FIFA in their spare time, especially at the weekends. If you want to watch FIFA eSports, one of the best places to go is the ‘EASPORTSFIFA’ Twitch channel. Every month there are lots of eSports games streamed on there that you can watch for free, so definitely check it out.


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