What hobbies do Aston Villa players have?

Douglas Luiz on holiday

Away from our full-time jobs, we all enjoy spending time with the other joys in life. Aston Villa players are no different and when they aren’t busy working on the pitch, they’re often doing something else in their spare time. While some of them are true fans of gambling and know all about PayID online casinos, others love fishing, surfing, diving, and cinema.

So please keep reading to know what your favourite athletes do in their spare time when they are outside the football field.

Emiliano Martínez

The goalkeeper of Aston Villa, Emiliano Martínez loves a good challenge. It is no wonder that his favourite hobby is said to be the extreme sport of surfing, but he does it smartly without putting his health and professional career at risk. Apart from riding the waves, Emiliano also enjoys adventures around the world.

Douglas Luiz

The Aston Villa midfielder has made a name for himself in the world of business, and he’s an important figure within the sporting industry. He’s an expert in sports marketing, and he’s made a lucrative business out of his time in the media. Besides that, Douglas loves to travel and enjoys taking part in activities to challenge his mind and body as witnessed by those who follow the Brazillian on his Instagram account.

Morgan Sanson

This midfielder enjoys a bit of everything – he has a great football mind, he’s an amazing athlete, and he loves to party and hang out with friends. Morgan Sanson is the owner and manager of a successful sports apparel business, and he makes sure that he gets to spend time with his family and friends whenever he’s off the pitch.


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Frédéric Guilbert

It’s no wonder this Aston Villa defender loves to play football – it’s his life, and he has an unbelievable range of skills even if it hasn’t worked out at Villa Park. But he also enjoys running, jogging, golfing, skiing, and he’s a dab hand at playing darts. And you will be surprised to know that he enjoys watching other sports such as cricket and volleyball as well.

John McGinn

You might think that given the Scotland international personality and pranks, he would have one of those out there kinds of hobbies. You’d be wrong. John McGinn is a professional footballer but his biggest passion is painting. He started out in the media, and he soon learned to play guitar and paint. But life is unpredictable, and today, he is a successful football player.

Final Say!

When you’re an elite sportsperson, you can pretty much do what you want. You can take a well-deserved rest and watch the world of football or simply take the easy option, play computer games, and avail of modern technology featured mobile casinos. But if you’re a professional footballer you don’t just get a rest! You get the added bonus of making a living from your hobbies as well.

To take a break from playing football, it’s not just enough to take a day off from training. Some of the best players in the world have hobbies to fill their time off football. These sports will take your mind off things; they won’t make you go crazy, and sometimes they’re actually quite fun! You have seen this yourself.

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