A football fan’s guide to understanding Aston Villa’s strengths and weaknesses

After Aston Villa achieved their goal of avoiding relegation in the 2019/20 football season, much pressure has been mounted on the club’s manager Dean Smith – to not only pull through in the current Premier League season but to also ensure that the club is able to finish a bit closer to the mid-table range.

Aston Villa’s Prospects for This Season

One positive point to note is that Aston Villa have managed to retain their best football players, with a particular focus on Jack Grealish, who is the current club captain.

Aston Villa have also managed to add quite a bit more depth to their squad by transferring and signing in as many as 12 new players, and by doing so they may stand a chance at completing the season near the mid-table range.

Nonetheless, the new players have had to quickly acclimatize themselves with Aston Villa’s playing tactics and get in synch with the rest of the team, since the season has been nothing short of competitive.

The big question that Aston Villa football fans may be asking themselves is, “Will Villa be capable of maintaining their football cohesion and quality and achieve the desired results?”

This guide is solely focused on exploring some of these lingering questions and will enable Villa fans to not only anticipate exhilarating gameplay from their club but to also have the confidence to stake on the club in some of the best online sportsbooks available on the worldwide web.

Aston Villa’s Strengths

  • Strong football mentality: They were able to engineer a comeback at the end of last season by racking up an impressive eight points from their last four games. They finished the season above their competitors (Bournemouth and Watford) and therefore secured both their position in the table and their place in this season’s Premier League. This success illustrates that the team possessed a strong mentality that prevented them from crumbling under the enormous pressure that was mounted on them at the time.
  • Effective leadership: it is safe to say that both the strong mentality and great leadership in Aston Villa go arm in arm. This is evident in Villa’s star players Tyrone Mings, and club captain Grealish. In particular, Tyrone Mings is a vocalized leader who boosts and inspires the spirits of the other players in the backline, making Dean Smith’s defence line a better all-round synchronized unit.
  • Villa’s wide-area plays: Aston Villa have a good balance of two transposed wingers; Grealish and Trezeguet, both of who inflict many challenges for opposing full-backs due to their excellent ball delivery from the defence line.

Aston Villa’s Weakness

  • Defensive scuffles: Despite having Mings providing great leadership and support for Villa’s defensive line, they need to tighten up their entire backline – particularly in set pieces.

However, in Matty Cash, they have someone who can provide the necessary balance on the right side of Aston Villa’s defence line.

Final Remarks

Along with an ever-improving defence and support from Villa’s wide players, Jack Grealish should be able to score even more goals, as the star midfielder has excellent football prowess, which will help the club to climb the ranks in the Premier League table.


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