Can Villa avoid relegation?

Smith watched on as Villa failed to show against Southampton

CODID-19 has effected the world far worse than anyone could have possibly predicted. To say it has become a global headache would be an understatement. Nothing has impacted the world on the same scale and severity since World War 2. It disrupted the normal operation of business and industries worldwide. Markets slumped, and stock prices decreased significantly.

It was no real surprise that the coronavirus started to effect major events. Sporting events like Euro 2020 and the Tokyo Olympics have been postponed. Major leagues, like the Premier League, were cancelled indefinitely and the exact date for the resumption is still unknown.

The 2019-20 season has been dominated largely by one team, Liverpool. They have only dropped four points in the Premier League this season. They are on the course to finish a 30-year waiting for the trophy, but coronavirus has hindered their plans.

The same thing goes for relegation placed teams. One of which is Villa, who currently sit 19th in the league, with a game in hand on those around them. Dean Smith’s side has only managed 7 wins from 28 games and could well be on the way to the Championship.

Villa was a force in the 2018-2019 season in the Championship, and ultimately the team managed promotion. They defeated Derby in the play-offs and garnered broad support not only on home soil but abroad as well.

Taylor helped Villa get promoted, can he help them avoid relegation?You may not know but Neil Taylor, left-back, who was an integral part of the team’s Championship, has a mother from India and the latter has a considerable group of Aston Villa supporters. The popularity of the team prevailed in online casinos as well, and the Indian branch of PlayAmo casino PlayAmo India was the exceptional casino in a rigorous environment of gambling in India, that offered special options on Neil Taylor and Aston Villa in general. While Taylor himself represents the National Team of Wales, it is still usual for the people to pay attention to the heritage of a particular player.

What are the problems behind the team’s lacklustre performance?

If we take players from the team individually, nothing can be said about their quality, but as a team, Villa has looked weak at times. After a 3-year absence from the Premier League supporters awaited Aston Villa with high expectations.

However, Villa has failed to impress as some maybe thought they would. The team has only scored 34 goals. Wesley, a Brazilian forward who was signed from Brugge with high expectations, has only scored 5 goals in 21 games.

They are also overly dependent on the captain and leader of the team, Jack Grealish, who has been linked with several European teams. The defence and midfield are struggling as well, and Smith has so far been unable to tackle the issue.

Not all doom and gloom

It is not all doom and gloom though as there have been some positives to take from this season. A 5-1 victory over Norwich springs to mind or even the 2-0 victory over Everton at Villa Park in the season.

Even in some defeats, Villa can consider themselves unlucky. The 2-1 defeat to Liverpool could have ended so differently had they taken their chances and not fell asleep late on.

There are only nine games remaining in the Premier League. Given the circumstances, it is still unclear what will happen with the remainder of the Premier League Season. If and when it does continue, Villa will need to show improvement if they are to survive.

Smith and his coaching staff must simply find a way. Yes, Villa are only 2 points behind Watford but I am sure most at Villa Park would prefer to be in Watford’s position that our own – regardless of the game in hand.


  1. Get rid of Mings and get a decent backline put Jed steer in goal. I have been a supporter of Aston Villa since 1970 through good times and through this performance so please do the right thing get some quality football together play like a Premiership team and keep hold of Captain Jack


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