Since the arrival of the new board, and then Dean Smith there has been a feel-good factor return to Villa Park. But despite all the good things, consistent mistakes could ultimately cost Aston Villa this season.

I have been meaning to write this since the defeat to Southampton as it has been bothering me that we failed to turn up to yet another big game this season. The lack of fight, desire combined with the mistakes has been a thorn in our side all season.

Time to settle

Mings and Grealish have to help cutting the mistakes outIf rewind back to when we kicked off the Premier League campaign against Tottenham we held Tottenham for a large portion of the game. A mistake from Jack Grealish ultimately cost us any share of the points.

Grealish has been our talisman this season so the one or two mistakes he may have made this season can be forgiven. But can others be forgiven if the unthinkable eventually happens come to the end of this season?

Villa spent an estimated £56.25 million on their defence and a further £25.92 million on defensive-minded midfielders over the summer. We all knew that it would take that many changes time to settle but are they good enough?

Learning from mistakes

Smith has often spoken about learning from and ultimately cutting out the mistakes but I don’t think we have and it bothers me that it will cost us. So many fans have pointed towards John Terry when it comes to our defensive frailties.

But I don’t believe we can blame Terry. Although he was a defender, it doesn’t make him a defensive coach! We have a coaching team who should be seeing what we can see and looking at ways to cut these problems out.

The players also need to take some responsibility. There is often talk about the morale and closeness of the group at Villa Park yet at times on the pitch they look like a group of strangers.

The remainder of the season

We head to Wembley to take on Manchester City in a bit of a David vs Goliath clash on Sunday. It is a game that the players should enjoy, embrace but ultimately have no regrets when they walk off the pitch at full time.

Then we turn our attentions back to the Premier League, our bread and butter. We have to somehow find around 15 points if we are to stay in the division. I have no doubt if we can somehow finally learn to stop the mistakes that we are capable of picking up points.

I just hope the club as a whole doesn’t finish the season with regrets because we have not learned our lesson when making the same consistent mistakes.



  1. If I remember right, Villa were leading for a hour in the Tottenham game and in the remaining 30+,the whole of the Villa team knew what was required to prevent the opposition from scoring one way or another as with any game. Non of those on the pitch should have to be told how to do their jobs. You don’t have to explain to a pilot how to fly a plane or a train driver how to drive a train.I agree with the statement of the strangers on the pitch .Even the Sheffield United manager compared our team to his (when we lost again).
    The problem with comparing league games to cup games is with league games there is always tomorrow, in the cup it has to be sorted out in 90 minutes. Dean Smith must decide which team to play Sunday as there are definitely two.

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