Liverpool tickets fiasco

Since Aston Villa were taken over in the summer of 2018, the club has generally got things spot on where fans are concerned. Especially when it comes down to tickets.

A lot was made about how they can distribute tickets during the summer with many fans who are not able to go to many away games saying it was unfair. The club made the only fair decision I feel was possible by offering those who go week in week out priority tickets. As a nice little feature, they also hold a few pairs back for others to enter into a draw for an opportunity for these tickets.

This isn’t the reason for this article, however. My main focus is on how the pricing for tickets for the Liverpool cup game has been handled.

Free tickets for Season Ticket holders

Have Villa got the price for the tickets wrong?Villa honoured their word by offering free tickets to the game against Wolverhampton Wanderers in the cup. Those who buy a season ticket are promised a free ticket for the first cup game of the season.

The club would have known that they would have expected virtually a full gate and probably made a loss on the day. But credit where it’s due, they honoured their promise.

The problem is, it feels like the home supporters are now being penalised when we meet Liverpool in the cup.

Liverpool tickets

Villa announced a little while ago now that tickets for the Liverpool fixture would range from £33 – £20 for an adult. With children paying anything from £33 – £5. Not bad when you consider who it is against and the general cost of match tickets these days.

The problem lies when you see how much the away fans are paying for their tickets. Liverpool has received a total allocation of 4,531 tickets. Priced at £20 for adults and £10 for children.

So Aston Villa supporters are expected to pay up to an extra £13 for a ticket. It hardly seems fair.


Various fans on social media have voiced their concern towards the club who has so far not commented as to why the price difference. Some fans have refused to pay for a ticket have stated they will stay away.

Now, this is a quarter-final of the Carabao Cup against the Premier League leaders. You would expect to see a full house. Especially considering Liverpool have no choice but to field a younger side due to their Club World Cup involvement.

Fans feel they are being punished for receiving free tickets against Wolves. This is the first thing the club has got wrong since the new ownership and it won’t look great if the ground is half empty – especially with it being on TV.

What are your thoughts on the situation? Should the club have matched those ticket prices? Or should we just put up and shut up?



  1. I understand why people are moaning but would you have paid 20 quid for Wolves and 20 for Liverpool, if there hadn’t have been a free ticket. Most would answer yes. Unfare that they charged Liverpool cheaper thou. So those moaning can’t get tickets for matches go support the club. I’ve paid been season ticket holder over 40 years

  2. I’m a season ticket holder in the north stand upper and won’t be attending to charge us more than liverpool supporters is disgraceful and with two home games coming up over the christmas period you would have thought the club would have taken this into account so I will watch it on the tv with alot of other loyal supporters who feel the club are trying to just rip us off !!!

  3. Let’s have a full house,get behind the lads.i steward there and there is nothing like a full house.make the place rock.

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