Away details finally revealed

Aston Villa finally revealed details about the way away allocations will be handled this season. The good news for mosts is the club have decided to get rid of the silly away scheme that was used last season.

The system was tried and it failed. The problem with the system was they there were far too many flaws. I think the thinking behind the scheme was that those who travelled to away game on a regular basis would benefit.

What I don’t believe they did see happening was fans paying for the scheme and handpicking 4-5 of the high profile games. Or maybe the old owners didn’t really care? Maybe they saw an opportunity to exploit fans financially and did it. I guess we will never know when it comes to the former owners.

2019-20 Season

Aston Villa fans tend to travel well away from homeThe club has opted to go back to the way things used to be. Reward those who regularly go to games on a regular basis. The way it should be, as those with a bet365 bonus code for bettors would be rewarded.

I know it will upset fans who don’t always have the chance to go to many games due to other commitments but the club will never be able to please everyone. Whether fans agree with it or not, I feel this is the only fair way it could have been handled.

It just means that tickets for high priority games, Like Tottenham in the opening game of the season, will go to fans who go to the most away games.

The club statement read: Under new procedures, in order to be fair, transparent and reward loyalty, away ticket criteria will be based on attendance at previous away games from the 2018/19 season as we also withdraw our away season ticket scheme.

The new sales criteria will start at season ticket holders who attended 18+ away games last season all the way through to general sale, with 15+, 12+, 9+, Season Ticket Holders and Claret/Cub members in between.

Pride Rewards

The club has also decided to hold 25 pairs of tickets for every fixture this season that will be made available through Pride Rewards. There will be a prize draw with the winners having the opportunity to purchase a pair of tickets.

This will give fans the chance to buy tickets to games without having enough history for that said away fixture.

Aston Villa has also announced that the tickets for Tottenham will go on sale next Thursday from 5pm online. This is all subject to allocation and pricing confirmed by Spurs in the coming days.


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