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Kappa become new Principal Partner


As some Villa fans sit on their laptops, trying to get hold of tickets for our Playoff Villa at Wembley, Villa has released a statement. They have announced that Kappa will make kits from next season until 2022.

It is hardly breaking news. There have been strong rumours on Social media for some time now that they would make our kits going forward.

Kappa has been making sportswear for 60 years and has supplied kits for various football clubs including Leeds United and Napoli.

What should we expect?

It is hard to say really apart from the obvious. The famous Kappa logo used to be all over the sleeves but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. They do seem to be a tight fit which may be an issue for those of us who enjoy a beer and a pie.

Going by the promotion video, it looks like Villa will have blue sleeves and shorts with a claret body. There have also been some rumours that Villa could wear the new kit at this weekends game against Derby County. Nothing has been confirmed or denied regarding this so far.

I am unsure if it was Luke or Fanatics but meeting supply demands seemed to be an issue this season. It will be interesting to see if using a bigger brand like Kappa will help improve the quantity demands.

What happens to Luke now?

There was a lot made of Luke and how Luke Roper is a Villa fan himself. He has continued to grow his range as the season has gone on with many Villa fans happy with what he produced.

This years kit won awards with GQ magazine and with the Official EFL website.

Luke will now become Villa’s new technical kit partner. Read more about that here.

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