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Keeper Questions

Kalinic will replace Nyland

After Aston Villa lost Sam Johnstone last summer it was clear that Steve Bruce was going to delve into the market for a new keeper. One of these has been named our No.1 goalkeeper and he goes by the name of Orjan Nyland. He has been capped multiple occasions by the Norway team and has apparently been on Bruce’s radar for many years.

Nyland’s Aston Villa career hasn’t got off to a great start with a blunder against Wigan and a dropped clanger away to Ipswich.

Slow Starter

This is a similar story to Johnstone, who became a fan favourite at Villa Park over time. He made some mistakes and looked very shaky to begin however he grew into his new role and looked a solid keeper.

This should give Villa fans worried about Nyland a bit of faith that he could still become a good keeper for the club. Once he settles and becomes comfortable with his surroundings he could prove to be a very good signing.

He has been thrown straight in at the deep end and in the most unforgiving position on the football pitch.

Andre Moreira

The other keeper that we brought into Villa Park is Andre Moreira, on loan from Atletico Madrid. The Portuguese man has only started once for Villa (In our clash with Yeovil) and I thought he had a great game – including a penalty save.

His distribution seemed great, finding Villa players more often than not and he commanded his box in a more confident passion than Nyland. He also made some decent saves, showcasing his shot-stopping ability – which Nyland hasn’t really had the chance to show yet.

Moreira has also been training and learning from Jan Oblak, the Madrid Keeper, who for me is one of the best in the world. This can only be good for a young player like Andre to learn from such a sensational goalkeeper.

Choice of Two

There are Villa fans that believe Moreira should be given the nod over Nyland for a game to see how he gets on in the Championship. This doesn’t help with squad stability but changing the keeper isn’t going to be detrimental.

Personally, I think we stick with Nyland. Dropping him after only 2 games will not do well for his confidence and he just needs a few games under his belt to get used to the English game. Hopefully, after a few more games he will come into his own and show the Villa fans why he is our new No.1.

Would you stick with Nyland or give Moreira a chance? Have your say in the comments section down below.


  1. Whether or not Nyland or Moriera ultimately become decent keepers isn’t the most important question here. The real question, is why take the risk ? The club is now cash rich and can clearly afford the players it wants, then why not get a goalkeeper who is already the finished article? Jakupovic at Leicester, Forster at Southampton, hell even David Stockdale at Small Heath, are all available. Get one of those, or someone else, but someone who isn’t learning in this division.

  2. I must have got lost on the way to Yeovil and watched the wrong game

    You’ve got to give a new keeper a bit of time but Morietra didn’t look close to championship level in that game

  3. I agree that this is a key position and from what I’ve seen so far, I fear that the loss of Sam Johnstone might ultimately prove to be the biggest factor in our fight for promotion. I understand people worried about Jedi but for me the keeper is more important. What I can’t understand is why we got 2 keepers in, neither with any experience in England and obviously will need time to settle in. At the same time we loan out Jed Steer to Charlton where he’s not even their 1st choice? Whats the point in that?
    In addition, I know most people from Norway have good English but it’s dangerous to presume he does. Does anyone know if he has good English?

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