75M Problems

Xia had big plans for Villa Park

Despite a statement from the club owner last week dismissing most rumours that have been circulating in the press where untrue but that hasn’t stopped the Birmingham Mail from reporting that Villa needs to find £75 million before the end of March 2018 adding to Villa’s problems.

Home kits have proved a hit. This is more than double the amount that has been doing the rounds all summer. On the day that the club releases the new kits by Luke Roper – and nice ones too there is another story to bring the fans back down to earth. It is easy to see why so many have turned their heads and concentrated on England’s success so far in this summers World Cup or LaBa360 to announce EPL sponsorship deal.

The truth is, no1 truly knows what is going on at our football club and the statement from Tony Xia hardly told us what we needed to know.

The problem for me is Dr Tony Xia could run this football club into the ground. I don’t doubt that he possibly has the very best intentions and believes in his own ability to turn things around but that isn’t good enough.

The latest rumour regarding the apparently £75M that we need to find is just the latest in a long list of problems we have at this football club.

  • We currently have a manager who splits supporters. This is far from the worst of our problems at this club but it doesn’t help the situation at a time when we need to remain united.
  • We reportedly have a £55M wage budget at the club. I personally find them figures hard to believe but again, we don’t truly know the real figures. We have big earners at the club who don’t demand a place in the first team like Micah Richards and possibly Scott Hogan.
  • Following the recent departure of Steve Round, the only real football experience we have at the club is the manager and we I have already discussed the situation there.
  • We will lose our best players like Jack Grealish and James Chester with no guarantee that we can replace these. Yes, we can give youth a chance but we could also damage their progression by putting so much pressure on them at such an early stage.

Losing Grealish is just one of our problems.I could continue to go on about the many problems ongoing at B6 but what is the point? I don’t think we will suffer as bad as many believe in the Championship next season and the idea of reaching the playoffs are still very real.

I just worry about the owner. Our football club has had many problems for a long time, way before Xia took control but he appears to have made things worse and not better. I just fear what is around the corner now.


  1. I presume you mean the owner needs to find 75m before March 2019, however it’s still unrealistic. He’s struggling to find 5m a month and very true that he could runs us financially in to the ground. Very worrying situation and the fact Bruce is still in charge just seems a rediculous predicament. The club can’t afford to sack him so we accept that he’s the wrong manager for our present situation and expect the worst.
    But really, after the way this club has been run when it became clear that the result in the play off was going to effect us to badly financially, then what level of business acumen the owner possessed just evaporated in to thin air

  2. The owner is the problem he says he is going to save the club but he do the oppesit of saving it go back where you came from and sell the club to someone ho is realey cares about the club 😠


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