Many Aston Villa supporters have embraced our owner being active on Twitter but has it all been a front and cover up for what is really going on at the club? Questions are aplenty and they need answering quickly.

Since our playoff final defeat to Fulham, rumours have been rife in the media about all sorts of things. FFP to players leaving. We have heard them all but none of us knew just where the club stood.

More and more fans starting posing questions to our CEO Keith Wyness and owner Dr Tony Xia on social media with very little response.

Wyness suspension raises more questions.Our owner released a statement on the 30th May and it raised more questions amongst fans and sections of the media than answers. In the statement, he referred to the club changing the way it was run, not only the last two years but the last ten years. He also mentioned about people leaving the club and how its part of the cycle of football.

I like many just presumed it was to do with our FFP issues and that he was talking about players but maybe it had something to do with those who have been running things behind the scenes at Villa Park.

Wyness has been unusually quiet since the final and has raised questions from some fans. I personally put it down to him being on holiday but maybe the comments in the statement, his silence and now his suspension are all connected.

Xia tweeted himself on the 29th May and something in that tweet made me think at the time.

“Also very difficult to verify ppl showing their real personality and humanity at this tough moment”

More questions but not because of a normal cryptic tweet from our owner. Who and what has someone done to him to question someone’s personality?

A lot has been made on social media this evening since the reports from Sky that we have not paid our tax bill. Nothing has been confirmed regarding this and BBC WM also tweeted that the suspension of Wyness and the tax bill reports are not connected. Again, more questions.

These questions keep coming without any real answers. Right now I don’t know how I feel about the current situation. We have sold around 17,000 season tickets already for next season but no-one truly knows where we stand.

If ever Dr Tony Xia wanted to appease fans, now would be the time. Transparency is required so we can all understand the position we find ourselves in and begin to move in the right direction.


  1. I like you wanting to know what the hell is happening to our wonderful club. We seem to be putting a new roof on, but the foundations are not being looked at. I can only hope that from all this mess (and it really is a mess) that all will come good. Will always keep the faith.

  2. In the murky world of millionaire football club ownership who knows what the truth is?
    Both Keith Wyness and Dr Tony come accross well to the public but who really knows?
    The days of the likes of Doug Ellis, local businessman owners are long gone. Love him or loathe him he was there for the long haul and was 100 percent a villa fan.
    It’s a fact now that many of our wonderfully supported football institutions just can’t compete. We just missed the boat last season. I fear that we will follow Leeds ,Sheffield Wednesday and more recently Sunderland and be in this division or lower for a long spell.
    I’m just going to enjoy the season as circumstances now mean that hopefully some of our youngsters break into the team. Just got to lower expectations a little!


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