Reports have surfaced today that Manchester United has approached our captain John Terry about becoming the new assistant manager at the club.

Jose Mourinho has lost his long-term right-hand man, Rui Faria with rumours suggesting the 42-year-old would like to have a go at management himself.

The Manchester United boss spoke to the Portuguese newspaper, Record and stated that the new manager would be someone who is not Portuguese and is already attached to a club.

“It’s a person coming who worked with me before but I can’t say the name because he’s still linked to another club,” he said.

No name is yet to be announced but Manchester United fans have put 2 and 2 together and got John Terry. Many have suggested that our captain who has just helped us into the Playoff final’s meets the criteria.

A lot of former players who have worked with Jose are still connected to clubs. Didier Drogba at Phoenix Rising, Ashley Cole at LA Galaxy and Paulo Ferriera is a scout at Chelsea. I could go on.


Terry off to United?Personally, I don’t believe there is much in the story. Although it is quite well known that Terr, who turns 38 in December, grew up as a United fan, I believe he will want to play on for as long as he feels it is possible.

I do think one day that the defender will go into coaching and management and it could ultimately come down to where we play our football next season.

Terry has stated himself that should Villa get promoted he will stay with the club next season for their return to the Premiership but nothing has been mentioned if we don’t get the promotion.

Of course, it could ultimately be down to finances and both player and club would have to sit down and discuss if a deal was at all possible or maybe, just maybe, there is another offer on the table, from Manchester United?

One thing is for sure, it is something we could do without with the playoff final against Fulham in just over a week.



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