Playoff ticket confusion

Have Villa got the price for the tickets wrong?

Aston Villa season ticket holders were left confused yesterday when Aston Villa released a statement regarding tickets for the playoff game.

The statement originally read: “Aston Villa Season Ticket Holders and Members are urged to keep their Season Cards for the upcoming Sky Bet Championship Play-Offs.

Your cards will be valid for our home semi-final on either Monday 14th or Tuesday 15th May 2018.”

Obviously, it got supporters talking and thinking that their season ticket covered the game in the playoffs which is most likely to be against Middlesborough on a Tuesday.

However, the official website then updated the very same statement a few hours later to add the following statement: “Please note the semi-final is not included in your Season Ticket/Membership price. Payment details will be confirmed in due course.”

Ticket confusion at Villa ParkAs you can imagine there was a little backlash on social media websites regarding this as many believe that the very least the club could have done is reward supporters with a free ticket for their support this season.

Of course, they still might do but they don’t need to. Some will argue you buy a season ticket for the ‘league season’ and the playoffs are apart of the league while others will say it is not.

I personally don’t see why the club made this statement. Our season ticket has an expiry date on them these days so I was under the presumption that we keep them as long as we renew until that expiry date was up.

There have been a lot of rumours over the last few weeks that the club would allow free entry to season ticket holders for this fixture so by releasing the statement they have caused more problems than was required – probably without realising.

Some believe that the club can only offer free tickets to season ticket holders if our opponents do the same but it is my understanding that this rule only applies if it is a cup competition and the club are allowed to do as they please as it is still technically a Championship fixture.

One thing is for sure, the club will need to make it clear and soon exactly what the pricing structure is for the fixture. I would hate to see what would happen should they have fans turn up thinking that they were getting free entry on their season ticket card only to be turned away on the night.

What do you think? Do you believe the ticket should be part of your season ticket?


  1. I thought the statement meant to say that we were using the cards to get in to the ground still, but I never thought it was included. It was only recently the tickets were a real issue and Dr Tony et all were apologetic due the cock ups in the ticket office.
    Will it be a free game? Doubt it!!! …loved to be proved wrong!

  2. This game should not be included in your season ticket. This is likely to be a very lucrative set of fixtures, bringing much needed revenue to the club, it is typical of Villa supporters to want the club to give tickets away whilst at the same time constantly expecting the club to spend big on fees and wages, the money has to come from somewhere guys.

  3. season ticket holders should have first call for their seats but pay a fair price for them
    Presumably prize money for finishing fourth is less than second and Playoffs are an opportunity to provide finance to improve next seasons team whichever division we are in

  4. Absolutely should be free. The season has not finished, it is not a cup game and irrespective of whether our opponents do the same is irrelevant. We are a BIG club with fabulous support which should be rewarded. Obviously for the away game and hopefully the final we would have tom pay. Come on Villa, lead the way.

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