Aston Villa’s list of gaming sponsors over the years and who can be the next


One of the biggest reasons that football is such a popular sport is how much it improves the economy of the world as a whole. Just like many other premier sports out there, it isn’t just about top players playing the game and making it out on top. It’s a well-oiled machine with so many different moving parts and a great many people stand to benefit from it on the whole. A prime example of this would be Aston Villa Football Club. It was founded in 1874, and has a very rich and treasured history and is home to some of the best players in the game.

However, it isn’t just these players that benefit as football tends to be inclusive of many things that you might not have realised. For example, there is something called a kit sponsorship, where the football club takes on a sponsor ranging from charity organisations to providers of slot games, and in doing so their brand is placed on the football player’s equipment. This type of sponsorship can generate quite a bit of buzz, and any company lucky enough to be the sponsor of a football club like Aston Villa has gone on to experience a great boom in their overall revenue.

We’ll be concentrating specifically on the gambling sponsors, because they’ve recently been on the rise and are currently on the road to overcome the negative stigma of gambling. It’s definitely a good thing, as in moderation gambling can have a lot of positive effects on its players.


This is a common misconception, thanks to the aforementioned stigma that gambling has. The truth of the matter is, while gambling tends to have some negative press, sports have never shied away from it. Sports such as American football allow their players to make wagers and even bet on their own sports, provided they don’t bring too much attention to themselves. Overall, many different sports are willing to advertise gambling because it’s an integral part of the sporting culture.


Genting CasinosWhile Genting itself isn’t completely focused on the gambling side of things, the casino brand is what they decided to use on the kit after they became the official sponsor of Aston Villa. This means that the home and away jersey of the venerated football club had the Genting Casino brand, which ended with the company experiencing a large revenue boom. It was a very lucrative deal that ran for two seasons, going from 2011 all the way to 2013.

While some might think that because Genting isn’t completely focused on gambling, it didn’t benefit as much as a purely gambling oriented company might have with regards to the sponsorship, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. As a matter of fact, Genting Casinos was able to experience exposure that it never had before, making it extremely popular for the duration of the deal and even beyond.


An online gambling company originating in the Philippines, this was another gambling related company that was able to secure a sponsorship with Aston Villa. For this deal, the Dafabet logo was placed on the centre of their jerseys, but it didn’t stop there. Dafabet was also able to advertise in the surrounding areas of Villa Park, which understandably increased their exposure ten-fold. The fact that Dafabet is completely focused on online gambling only served to make the deal even more lucrative, as they experienced similar financial success as Genting Casinos during their run. They came right after Genting, going from the year 2013 to 2015.


The only gaming sponsor of note is 32Red, a casino that was able to acquire sponsorship from 2006 all the way to 2008. As always, Aston Villa was quite generous with the deal, offering to place their brand not only on the kit but giving them other possible advertising options as well. One would think that football wouldn’t have too much to offer casinos, but these companies always experience a kind of surge whenever their brand is showcased by a respectable football club such as Aston Villa. As a matter of fact, it is likely this specific sponsorship with 32Red convinced Aston Villa to take on more gambling sponsors, like Genting as well as Dafabet. There are also other football clubs out there willing to do the same, and even other sports willing to offer kit sponsorship to any gaming or gambling company out there that is willing to work with them.


While it’s certainly true that not every company who sponsored Aston Villa is a gaming or gambling company, it’s currently trending because of how lucrative it tends to be for both parties. Aston Villa is given a reasonable sum in order to advertise these companies, which in turn experience higher revenue as a result. It’s a relationship that works every single time, which is why Aston Villa is more than happy to sponsor gaming companies. With regards to what is next for the football club however, there is a very large possibility that Slots of Vegas just might come out on top and become the new sponsors for Aston Villa. If this happens, you can expect that Slots of Vegas will experience a similar surge in success, and is a deal that they would be more than happy to make, all things considered.

To conclude, it’s highly likely that the next sponsor that Aston Villa chooses will be a gaming or gambling company. It’s a give and take relationship and both are likely to benefit from each other. This can only be good for the world of sports because gambling can bring a lot to the table, provided it isn’t abused due to its addictive nature. For a business to thrive, sometimes all you need is a bit of exposure, and Aston Villa has been helping these gaming companies achieve just that for more than a decade.


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