The EFL Championship is now in full swing, but Aston Villa can’t help but feel threatened about their current situation. It’s because the team’s elite forward, Rushian Hepburn-Murphy, has suffered another injury that devastates Villa’s hopes of further improving their ranking in the league.

As of now, Aston Villa sits in 18th place, which is obviously not what any team wants to be in. Hepburn-Murphy sustained a thigh strain which will cause him a month out of the field. Aston Villa manager, Steve Bruce, sees Hepburn-Murphy’s injury as a serious problem because it’s been happening more frequently now.

Hopes run high on Rushian Hepburn-Murphy, as he is the youngest player of Villa to have participated in the Premier League. It’s through this that he has garnered a lot of attention from the football world, which ultimately led him to be considered as a vital asset in the team’s offense. To deal with the legal part of it learn from JD Injury Law, APC.

But as bright as his future sounds, it’s been laden with health issues as he has been sustaining injuries in a more frequent manner. And Villa manager, Steve Bruce, acknowledges the fact that these unfortunate events need to be stopped.

Bruce says in an interview how disappointed he is with the injuries that their top prospect has been experiencing. The 56-year-old former footballer even calls Hepburn-Murphy’s problems as “niggling injuries”, because even though these aren’t fatal, it still has a tremendous effect on the team’s overall performance.

The Aston Villa manager went on to say that the 19-year-old forward has been the talk-of-town and it’s quite embarrassing that a kid with so much potential has to suffer this kind of fate. As proof of how big of an effect the youngster’s injury has on the team, Aston Villa’s betting odds of getting a Top 2 Championship finish went down to 8/1.

Then there are Villa’s 16/1 odds of being the Championship winner. Never before has the team’s betting odds plummet this low. But one thing’s for sure, Hepburn-Murphy’s got a hand on this.

It’s worth noting that Hepburn-Murphy didn’t start out laden with and prone to injuries. In fact, he has been referred to as one of the brightest (if not the brightest) talent in the U23 category. What makes his skill set even greater is that he joined Villa at the tender age of 16.

This makes Hepburn-Murphy as the youngest Villa player in the Premier League. But even if he’s been given the privilege of having a new bumper contract, it seems like it’s still not enough as a number of injuries derailed him from his path to greatness.

It’s a very big deal for the team if Hepburn continues the trend of sustaining injuries. Even if the team isn’t totally reliant on him, he still serves a very important function as a substitute. Without him, the team’s veteran strikers would be deprived of valuable resting time. And what happens when that situation pursues? Fatigue spreads throughout the team, which ultimately leads to a defeat – a series of nerve wracking losses.

Good thing they still have time to gather up their bearing before their upcoming game against Brentford on Sept. 9. This time, they’re the favorite as the leading UK free bet offers give them a 1/1 evens odds contrary to Brentford’s 13/5 odds.

Frankly speaking, Aston Villa isn’t really that popular among football fans. Their odds to win the Championship is +4500, while they’ve got +3000 odds to finish in Top 6. The team’s relegation odds of 200 also prove they still need to do a lot to win back their lost fans.

As long as Hepburn-Murphy doesn’t show any sign of positive health change trend, Villa will remain in the second-class half of the Championship. The team is even in the 11th spot with a 13/8 chance to finish in the Top 6. This is obviously not what Steve Bruce wants for his team.

Let’s just hope that Hepburn-Murphy gets things right and that he stop settling for outrageously high-octane compulsions. Though having an aggressive offense is what Aston Villa needs right now, they need to have it in a composed manner.

We all understand how the passion of youth gets on our nerves, as we’ve all been through that. It sure is compulsive to just play with full force and bring out all your stored energy to the playing field. Perhaps Hepburn-Murphy already learned a lesson. And he’ll be more careful this time around.

Once this simple, yet highly-effective strategy is pulled off successfully, then there’s no denying Aston Villa can make it to the Top 6 or even the Top 2.


  1. Sad news for the youngster, I hope his body comes good, he performs for U23s and gets his chance in the first team and thrives like Keinan Davis has but at this point in time his absence is having no effect on the 1st team’s chances of promotion.

    Let’s be clear the kid hasn’t had more than a few cameos in the premier league or championship, hasn’t scored agoal or even assisted a goal for the 1st team, how can you he be that crucial to Villa’s promotion chances. Kodjia, Davis and Hogan are regulars with McCormack and Agbonlahor on the outer, I think Villa are hardly short of quality strikers either.

    Let’s give the kid a chance to perform for U23s, get himself fit and push for 1st team football before we even think of him propelling Villa forward, somehow I think Villa will be okay this season with the current crop but you can’t deny that young talent like him is the way forward!


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