It is no secret that we have been unable to win away for some time now. Some thought that the drop down to the Championship would bring with it an improvement, but that’s not been the case. We seem to have the wrong mentality away from Villa Park.

Last year was no different. Sporadic wins at Rotherham, Reading, and QPR didn’t really do anything to change our fortunes. Our away form is still abysmal. Steve Bruce has openly admitted that he doesn’t really know how to fix the problem.

Another away defeat, this time at ReadingThat’s what it has become: a real problem, that has been going on for far too long. The truth is that at home, we have been quite good. The results have, largely, been up to standard. We spent a large portion of last season unbeaten at home even if a lot of those performances were far from convincing. If the league was just based on home games, it may well have reflected quite favorably on us.

That is why fixing our results on the road is our most important issue going forward. Villa needs to find a way to take the game to teams, rather than sitting back. Being away from Villa Park doesn’t mean that we automatically become the underdogs and it doesn’t mean that we need to play cautiously. We should go to away games full of confidence and play fearless football.

The sad truth is that football such as this is not associated with Steve Bruce or, at the moment, our football club. We bring an amazing away support every single trip, who are some of the best in the land, never mind the division. They stand and watch us play negatively and on the back foot every single time. They deserve better.

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Even if they aren’t entertained every single time, they should be watching us pick up points. We have one of the best squads, but our club’s mentality at the moment is absolutely terrible. A new season has to bring an end to this strange inability to win away from home. That’s the only way we’re going to compete in this division.

Villa can play as well as they want at home, but until we sort out our away form we don’t stand a chance at promotion. I’ve run out of ideas on how to fix it, let’s just hope that Steve Bruce has something up his sleeve. We need to start enjoying away games again and, most importantly, start winning a few.



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