It’s Easter. A time of year when millions of people around the world focus on the themes of new life, and hope. I don’t want to overplay the point but after the run Villa have been on late, those topics can certainly be applied to our great club.

I don’t want to overplay the point but after the run Villa have been on late, those topics can certainly be applied to our great club.

There is certainly an optimism surrounding Aston Villa at the moment.

Although we are far from perfect there is certainly a palpable sense that we are in a much better place than we have been for a good few years.

We now have an owner who genuinely seems interested and passionate about the success of the team. The cynic and pessimist in me wonder how long that will last but that is certainly a hangover from the latter Lerner years and the new hope surrounding Villa needs to trump pessimism. Progress is impossible without that.

Sherwood was too inexperienced for Villa.Secondly, we have a manager who has been there and done it. Paul Lambert was a promising up and coming manager but probably moved to us, a big club, too early and both parties suffered as a consequence. Tim Sherwood was far too inexperienced and while he showed a lot of passion, he didn’t Remi Garde struggled at Aston Villaearn his ironic nickname “Tactics Tim” for nothing. Remi Garde was another gamble that did not pay off. English football experience is a must if the challenge ahead is a gruelling fight for survival. Roberto Di Matteo never convinced me either. While his CV did not read too badly, ( I think it was slightly flattering) I was not convinced the match was right and as we have all seen that was the case.

Bruce, however, has vast experience of exactly this sort of situation. He has had success at promoting teams so long as they really are his teams and this is slowly starting to become that.

And that is the third reason for optimism. For once it feels like we are going to get to the end of a season when our best players are not wanting to leave. I am optimistic that the project of promotion next year is one that the players currently here believe in, and are at stages in their career where a move on would be a gamble and not make much sense, particularly if we do go up next year.

So there is plenty of room for optimism. Are we seeing the resurrection of one of English football’s greatest clubs? Let’s hope so. Reading took a pummelling last week, another similar result at the hands of our boys would do very nicely to keep the revival alive.


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