For me, it is hard to put my finger on what is going wrong at the moment. Our form in 2017 has been beyond abysmal and all this misery has come after having what seemed like a very successful transfer window. It’s not hard to see that something has to be causing our terrible run of results – but what exactly is it?

A lot of fans are blaming the manager. I agree that our recent form is unacceptable, although sacking the manager seems pointless and ridiculous at this stage of the season with nothing to play for. Bruce is experienced in this division and in this business: letting him go would only add to our embarrassment this season. I strongly believe that we will not get relegated as our squad is simply too strong. Wins have to come from somewhere with the talent we’ve got in the team.

Is the issue that we’ve bought the wrong players? I don’t believe so. Not every signing is going to be perfect when a club brings in so many new players and a footballer can not suddenly lose his talent once he puts on a claret and blue shirt. As much as it sometimes feels this way, it’s not how it works. Players such as Lansbury, Hourihane and Hogan hopefully just need time to settle in. It hasn’t quite happened for them yet but they’ve been in the club for less than a month. There’s no need to hit the panic button just yet.

I think that is what the fans need to cling to in the midst of such terrible performances. We do have good players. Our squad, on paper, is one of the strongest in the Championship. Our team right now is performing terribly, but we have good football players. If we can give them time to show why we paid all that money for them and, crucially, give Bruce time to come up with his preferred system to play them in them results should start to improve. Results can only improve.

Tonight, we host another very beatable team that, sadly, will be very confident going up against us at the minute. If our team finally gels and the players realise how to play football with one another, we should come away with three points. We’ve been waiting for that to happen all season and it has to, surely, happen sooner rather than later.

I believe the best way to cope with our terrible run of form is not to panic. This season has been a write off, but we’ve got an owner who is willing to spend his money and lots of talented players. Let’s hope and pray that this finally translates to some points as we desperately need them.


  1. Yes we have good players but the buck stops with the manager, if we don’t win tonight for me he has to go, because we are going backwards towards the drop zone at an alarming rate, and this has to be stopped no matter what the price. If we go down again it will be a disaster for all concerned. Sorry for the negativity but come on we must face the facts.

  2. Again lots of chances and nothing to show for them, the penalty was harsh to say the least but it meant we conceded first again, which again meant we fell apart, just like last season, confidence is obviously low despite all the new players and that is what we need to instill into our players, booing them off will not help this nor will ironically cheering off a player who’s had a poor game.


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