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Merry Christmas!


Another year is almost at its close. It’s fair to say that 2016 hasn’t always been a good one when it comes to all things claret and blue.

In the midst of the lows of relegation and the relief that accompanied the takeover, the continued turning of the managerial merry-go-round in B6 has certainly given Villa fans plenty to talk about on our forums and in the stands.

The unsung heroes have, without a doubt, been those faithful fans, whose wry wit made the cataclysmically catastrophic 2015-16 season marginally less painful for me to watch unfold on the road. Who will forget the wild celebrations that accompanied a corner at Watford, for example?

Since the dawning of a new, unwanted era for Aston Villa Football Club in August, those same fans have remained a shining light, travelling in numbers on the Championship tour that we all hope will end sooner rather than later.

It has been nice to see the new team at the helm of the good ship Aston Villa recognising the importance of reaching out to frustrated fans, which has been done through a number of welcome initiatives that we hope will be developed in 2017.

With the Boxing Day game against Burton Albion set to see our glorious ground packed to the rafters once more, we can at least head into 2017 with hope in our hearts. It is obvious that there is lots of work to be done in order to see Aston Villa Football Club back in its rightful place among England’s elite but at least the new team has been slowly chipping away at the immense iceberg that sank our ship only a few months ago.

Come what may, we’ll still be here discussing anything and everything claret and blue in the new year and look forward to seeing your views on Bruce’s boys as the second half of the season gets under way.

On behalf of all the team at Avillafan.com, I would like to thank you all for your ongoing support, even in the darker days of 2016, and wish you all a very happy claret and blue Christmas. Here’s to a prosperous 2017 too – on and off the pitch. UTV!

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  1. It has been a bad few yearsfor the Villa, but we all hope that there are signs that we have some disciplined structure at boardroom level and a good coaching staff. This with the unbelievable support, that goes unrecognised by the media outlets beyond B6 we should hopefully see the progress on the pitch.
    It will a great site to see 42,000 at the Burton game and that. That ,In its self, shows the stature of this football club that is the most famous in he land

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