Best run in years

For the second time this season, we are on a five-game unbeaten run.

This time is far more encouraging than the last. In Di Matteo’s last few games as manager, he oversaw five draws, including three games in which leads were thrown away in the last few minutes.

His last game was a pathetic 2-0 loss to Preston North End.

Since the managerial change, Bruce has won three matches and drawn two, which is a far better return.

I have had a look back to see how many matches unbeaten our previous decent run lasted.

I had to go back four years to the 2012-13 season to find a run of six matches unbeaten, although that included a League Cup match.

It is not since the 2009-10 season that I could find a comparative unbeaten league run. That year, we managed a seven game unbeaten streak in the league.

If we get a result next Friday against Brighton and Hove Albion then it will be our best league run for six years. That says a lot. It shows that we are starting to recreate the stubborn culture of being difficult to beat, a crucial characteristic for any team with high ambitions.

Our result against the Seagulls will give a real indication of our intentions this season now things seem to be getting back on track.

As one of the best teams in the league this year, facing Brighton and Hove Albion will be a tough test but if we can get a result not only will it help our league credentials this year, it will be a sign that things are starting to turn around for Aston Villa Football Club. We will be starting to show the form that we had the last time we were any good.

What we are hearing coming out the camp is all good since Bruce has taken over. The players are commenting on the confidence improving and the sense of togetherness amongst the squad.

Along with that is the addition of some real leaders, with the likes of Chester and Jedinak, the kind of players we have really been missing in recent years.

So here’s to the next match and the hope that we can continue our good run.

The play-offs do not look a million miles away any more so we have to keep them in sight.


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