A look at Aston Villa’s most productive players

Let’s take a quick break from the usual Championship updates and take a look at the remarkable milestones and history that have made this club what it is today. Over the years, Aston Villa Football Club has had some great players leading the team. In this article, we’re going to focus on the most productive players and the goals they have scored.

Billy Walker

At the top of our list, we have none other than Billy Walker. He joined Aston Villa in 1919 and became the team’s most productive player until today. His talents and knack for finding – and making the best use of – opportunities were apparent even before joining the team, and there is no doubt that Walker is one of the best players we’ve ever had.

A lot of sports fans were betting on Aston Villa whenever Walker was on the field. During his short period with the team, he scored a whopping total of 244 goals; not a single player can compete with this record.

Harry Hampton

The only player to have come close to Walker’s record is Harry Hampton. Hampton played for Aston Villa from 1904 to 1920. He scored more league goals than Walker, 215 goals to be exact. That said, Walker scored more FA Cup goals and acquired the title of Aston Villa’s most productive player.

It’s impossible to say that Hampton’s achievements are not as impressive though. He banked a total of 242 goals for the team. That earned him the right to sit at #2 on Aston Villa’s all-time top scorers list.

John Devey

If you’re an Aston Villa fan, the name John Devey is definitely one you know well. Devey may not have scored more than 200 goals for the team, but the ones he scored during his time with Aston Villa were still special.

Devey joined the team in 1891. While a lot of fans were expecting Devey to be a key player back then, none anticipated his ability to lead the team. It is safe to say that John Devey is one of the best – if not the best – captains this club has ever had.

Of course, the 187 total goals he scored for the team are also impressive. He retired in 1902, after cementing his name as a legend in this country’s football history.

Joe Bache

It is worth noting that all of the players we’ve discussed so far are British-born. This next legend on our list is no different. Joe Bache scored a staggering total of 185 goals for Aston Villa during his 14-year stint with the team. He is also famous for his military career, serving in the Royal Garrison Artillery during the First World War.

He also contributed 17 FA Cup goals throughout his career. Watching Bache play was always a treat.

Eric Houghton

Last but certainly not least, we have Eric Houghton. Also British-born, Houghton scored 170 goals for Aston Villa during his period with the team. He started playing for Villa in 1927 and quickly became known for his powerful shots. A lot of goalkeepers found a worthy adversary in Houghton.

Among the many goals he scored, around 30 were scored by taking free kicks. His powerful shots were notorious indeed. He was also famous for his ability to curve the ball in such a way that even spot kicks could be converted into goals.

Aside from playing for the team, Houghton was also Villa’s manager. In fact, it was Houghton who took the team’s seventh FA Cup trophy home in 1957. He even earned the nickname ‘Mr. Aston Villa’ for his extended service and immense contribution to the team.


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