When a weekend of international football is coming up, I tend to look forward to the following week, when club football returns. This is usually down to international games being somewhat meaningless and very boring, making for a mundane weekend. Well, in typical Villa style, the club has given us all something to concentrate on and discuss this weekend with the sacking of Roberto Di Matteo.

The good

Whether you were a fan of his or not, I think most supporters of Aston Villa believed it was time for the club and the manager to part ways. After a constant run of poor results and and poor football to go with it, fans started to lose patience with the Italian.

I really wanted Di Matteo to succeed and push the club on in what I hoped would be a season that saw us push for promotion. He was handed £50 million by the owner to play with this summer and bring in the squad he felt he needed to in order to get us back to the Premier League. As we know only too well this hasn’t happened and the Villans’ start to the 2016-17 season could be described as sluggish at best.

The way I look at it, it’s like giving a builder all the bricks, cement, tools and materials he needs to build a house and watching him barely building so much as a wall. Di Matteo had the tools. Unfortunately, he seemed to have no idea how to use them to get the job done.

The bad

Yet again, the club needs a new manager. The next arrival will be the club’s fourth permanent manager in just over a year, which shows just how much of a mess the team is in. Choosing who comes in next could be make or break for our season.

Di Matteo’s dismissal has created an air of concern and confusion that no-one at Aston Villa Football Club needs right now. We need Xia to bring in someone who will become part of the furniture, settle things down and stop this crazy managerial merry-go-round that’s been spinning stormily season after season.

Looking forward

No supporters – or journalists – really know right now who will be brought in. All we have is a lot of bookies’ favourites and their odds mean very little at this moment in time.

We each have a personal favourite and we all have an opinion on who we don’t want. When a new manager is given the job, whoever it may be, we all need to unite and back that person, continuing to offer the tremendous support the team has been given so far this season as we hope for better things in the remaining three-quarters of the season.


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