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Aston Villa’s display last night against Huddersfield Town was promising until the last ten minutes when we conceded a freak goal, which meant we could only draw the game. It just goes to show that teams need to win matches as soon as possible; they will rue missing vital chances like we did.

Moving on to Saturday’s game, it is set to be another big encounter. Derby County, with Nigel Pearson at the helm, will be hoping to kick-start their season and take a step in the direction of promotion.

Before this game, the Villans might be saying goodbye to one of their team-mates, Joleon Lescott.

I don’t think I ever believed that Lescott is a true Villa fan. During his Manchester City days, I saw him score the winner against us at Villa Park. If you were to score the winner against your boyhood club, which he states Aston Villa is, then surely your celebrations would be muted. Instead, he decided to stick his tongue out and race towards the cheering City fans. That’s why ever since he joined Aston Villa from West Bromwich Albion, a rival club, I haven’t been at all convinced of his love of the club. This impression wasn’t dispelled by his infamous tweet of a brand new sports car, falling out with fans and making Villa a laughing stock.

Apparently pictured in conversation with Mark Warburton earlier in the week and linked to Sunderland AFC this morning, I hope that, before the Derby County match, he will have finally said his goodbyes and closed a depressing chapter in his career.

I do think he was a good player for Manchester City. Ever since his move to West Bromwich Albion, it’s been more about the money than the football for Lescott, in my opinion. At thirty four, I don’t accept that he is getting old and his game is slowly getting worse. In light of his wage, I would except much more talent, belief and effort from him. Even if he has passed his peak as a footballer, he could at least have been a good role model and embraced the club’s more promising future under Dr Tony Xia.

As reported by the BBC and other media outlets, Lescott is talks with Rangers Football Club. With the manager of Rangers, Mark Warburton, thought to have met the player, I feel it’s a matter of time before his departure is announced. It is believed Aston Villa Football Club will allow Lescott to leave on a free transfer if he can find a club and a move to Scotland seems more likely than a move to Sunderland AFC, especially as Lescott’s time at Everton with the current Black Cats’ manager Moyes ended with Lescott labelled a disruptive influence and axed from the squad.

Wherever he goes, Lescott will never be considered a great Villa fan let alone a great Villa player.

Goodbye and good luck, Joleon!



  1. I was disappointed to hear at the start of pre season that “all players” were to be given a clean slate by RDM and that he was going to use his own judgement on who should stay and who should leave. A 5 minute chat with any Villa fan would’ve saved him a lot of time. Although Bacuna and Richards both had their bad moments last season both on and off the pitch, I have come to accept that RDM has found a place in the squad for them for now, they at least still might have something to offer as they are the right side of 30. But as far as Lescott and probably Gabby too are concerned I would have a real problem with them being given a second chance, some players at Villa are simply just not deserving of one. The way that pair behaved last season, in particular Lescott , was an absolute disgrace. No true Villa fan would’ve behaved the way he did, the utter contempt he showed for the fans with his car tweet and pathetic excuse afterwards, along with his “relegation is a weight off the players shoulders” speech, should’ve seen his contract torn up right there and then. Fortunately RDM’s judgement has brought him to the conclusion that both players should continue what remains of their careers elsewhere. I think alot of fans will be sad to see Gabby go when the time comes as his downfall has not all been his own doing, but there won’t be one tear shed for Lescott. Goodbye and good riddance, one of the worst players to ever wear the shirt in my book.

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