From start to finish, last season disappointed Aston Villa fans in many ways. One such disappointment was Jordan Amavi’s unfortunate injury.

After suffering a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee whilst playing for France’s Under 21 side in mid-November, Amavi was ruled out for the remainder of the season.

Leading up to that, he was arguably our brightest player, a full back who could defend competently and cause havoc down the opponents’ right hand side. Bar a defensive mistake at Selhurst Park which cost us a point, he hardly put a foot wrong. One game in which he stood out was a 3-2 away defeat against Liverpool, when he tore down the right wing constantly, creating two goals for Rudy Gestede virtually out of nowhere. This impressive performance, however, may come at a price for Villa fans.

Since the club suffered the indignity of relegation, rumours have surfaced about his potential departure to Anfield for a fee believed to be somewhere in the region of £12 million. This is not surprising: Amavi strikes me as a player who would be a perfect fit there. Anyone who watched Alberto Moreno in the Europa League final can appreciate just how much Klopp needs a left back and Amavi is a very promising prospect for the German to develop. It would be hard for him to turn down such an offer given Liverpool’s manager, the club’s stature and its place in the Premier League. I would not blame him at all for making the move and, up until recently, I was merely waiting for it to be completed.

Enter Dr Tony Xia. There are advantages and disadvantages to having an owner who is active on Twitter and his tweets can not be viewed as fact but he tweeted that “Ayew and Amavi will definitely stay! We’ll get striker but be confident with the manager team knowing what to do!”

He certainly makes big claims: Ayew and Amavi are to stay at Aston Villa and at least one more forward will be signed. If true, this is huge news. Ayew and Amavi are two players who actually performed well for the Villans in the Premier League last season and they will be invaluable in the Championship. Amavi in particular is not a Championship player so keeping him would give us one of the best full backs in the league when he is fully fit again.

Can we take Dr Tony’s word as gospel? As we know from experience, no. All the same, this gives fans hope that some of our ‘big players’ may actually stay despite the nightmarish 2015-16 season. We will need them in the fight to get back to where we belong.


  1. I bloody hope so. He’s quality and unfortunately didn’t see enough of him last season. Instead saw some twonk called Kieran while he was away. He owes us a bit of payback surely


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