Will you be renewing your season ticket?

I have been asked this question quite often over the past couple of weeks. The answer is a resounding yes, of course. The reaction that gets has been somewhat mixed, with some people, who tend to be fans of Premier League clubs, calling me crazy or simply laughing.

I know Aston Villa should be a Premier League club and, believe me, I want it to be, but football wasn’t invented in 1992. As a fan, I will always be there, no matter what league Aston Villa Football Club is in. For me, it is about more than which team we are playing on any given day. It’s the match day routine with my dad that we’ve been going through for the past twenty years. Is that going to stop just because we’re in the second tier? Not one bit. Well, maybe slightly for the ridiculous Friday night games, which will be an utter nightmare to get to.

Anyway, for all we know we are on the brink of a takeover and will soon be in the hands of an eccentric billionaire who wants to turn us into the next Manchester City. Well, we can dream. The more cynical members of our fan base will point out that the talk of a takeover coincides with season ticket renewals yet again this year but the club’s drop in price that comes with its demotion is bound to attract new interest. Nevertheless, it’s a very unsettling time to be a Villa fan: everything is up in the air from the ownership to our reputation as one of the proudest clubs in England. This season we have been the laughing stock of English football and that needs to change or we will end up sliding further than we ever expected. The club has no permanent manager, board members have walked out after alleged rows with the owner yet the fans still travel in numbers and still turn up at Villa Park -and will no matter what happens next. That should be celebrated. There are those who have criticised the distinct lack of creativity evident in the club’s season ticket pricing policy. I believe the biggest reward for long suffering season ticket holders will be a return to winning ways and a swift return to the top flight.

So enjoy the remaining Premier League games, renew your season tickets and try to look for positives for next season. We will get to beat Birmingham City twice in one year and that should be enough to bring any true Villa fan a crumb of comfort.

Up the Villa!



  1. I won’t be renewing my ST until either a new owner or at least a decadent new manager (with funds) is in place. I have not be attracted by the £10 reduction. I have to say that in general I go along with the cynics on yet another announcement of possible new owner (although I do think that there is a greater possibility this year). My main reason for not renewing yet is the fear that we might get Bruce or even that they will decide to give Black a chance!!!

    • Don’t buy season tickets until the new owners are installed just in case the would be sale is a smokescreen

  2. Wake up. We haven’t got a club. We are just the discarded impulse buy of an inadequate son of a deceased american billionaire.

  3. Already paid for mine………Its the our club not the owners not the boards not the players….OURS!

  4. So big deal my season ticket costs £10 less. But as I live in Cheshire I have 5 more home games to attend included in the reduced price. Well at £25 a game travel expenses per game a real bargain!

  5. MIght go to some away grounds I’ve never been to.. can’t pay me to step inside Villa Park anymore. It’s going to take a lot to get back to winning ways. Losing, every week no less, is going to be a hard habit to break.

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