The only way is up

I think it’s fair to say the club has hit rock bottom and it seems that things can’t really get any worse. About to suffer relegation from the Premier League, having become the laughing stock of English football, with a team of mercenaries and with rafts of redundancies for staff who actually work hard for the club, the only way is up.

There is plenty to look forward to

Aston Villa fans shouldn’t be too glum: there will be a lot of changes at the club in the coming months and it should be an exciting time. We won’t be competing in the Premier League for a while, nor will we be appearing on ‘Match of the Day’, but we might actually be watching our team win more frequently.

I’m a positive fan most of the time so I choose to believe that we will be successful in getting rid of all the useless players who have let us down so badly this year. That means saving goodbye to Agbonlahor, Lescott, Richards, N’Zogbia, Bacuna, Guzan and Richardson at the very least.

We need to accept that we won’t be signing any superstars, although a new squad comprised of hard-working players mixed with some exciting youngsters could give us something to really get behind next year.

The Championship won’t be as glamorous as the Premier League yet there will still be some massive games to look forward to against clubs like Leeds United, Nottingham Forest, Birmingham City and whichever teams drop down with us to the league below. Who amongst us isn’t relishing the prospect of an away day at Rotherham United’s New York Stadium?

A new manager should arrive soon too. Nigel Pearson is looking less likely to be Garde’s successor after being spotted at The City Ground on Monday night. The list of candidates seems to be getting shorter and shorter. Could Hollis and his board spring a huge surprise on us?

Great night for the Under 21s

One of the biggest reasons to be cheerful right now is that we have an exciting crop of youngsters. Monday night saw the Under 21 team play at Villa Park and put in the sort of spirited display that we haven’t seen from the first team since last April’s FA Cup semi-final.

A 3-2 win against a decent West Ham United side was sealed with impressive goals from Khalid Abdo, André Green and Corey Blackett-Taylor. Jack Grealish looked back to his best while Kevin Toner was sent off late in the game for putting in the sort of tackles Micah Richards could only dream of.

A decent crowd of more than seven hundred turned out in the rain to watch our battling youngsters and hopefully even more will show their support in the play-off game, when the aim will be to seal promotion to the top Under 21 league.

One thing relegation could mean is more chances for these young men to line up for the first team, which can only be a good thing.



  1. To say Pearson is heading for Forest is pure speculation. What if he’s at Old Trafford on Saturday with Little? Does that make it nailed on certainty? My choice has always been NP or Hughton. By Monday after (R) is confirmed I can’t even say the word AV will get the new man in. Every manager I wanted has never been chosen and all have been failures in a flawed structure. So just for once I hope it’s NP with the full backing of ex players of AVFC and board .

    • The sergeant major manager philosophy just because of the current squad we have and the impending,’obviously'(?),brutal championship football ahead is not a wise option. I don’t recall the new guy at Dean Court looking too ominous in the TV interviews and touchline pics I’ve seen and look at the football(and work rate) they produced last year?

      Is Atletico Madrid boss Simeone a bark orders and call me boss kinda guy?

      The names Villa have been touted with are basically the epitome of why Brit football has the reputation of seeing a string a of collective passes strung together in a regular game as being an achievement when it should be a basic standard. Nepotism doesn’t just apply to family ties, it can go much futher.

      If Villa do go ‘Barking Mad’ and insist on appointing a ‘perceived disiplinarian’ why not go to Old Trafford for a manager I laughed at when appointed,LVG? Makes Youth players into men(?) Now there’s a sergeant major for you.

      As my dad’s always pointed out,why spend tens of millions on the squad,when the man in charge of the team is far more an essential and vital commodity?

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