No excuses – these players must be dropped

I thought it would get easier. I thought I had seen the worst this team had to offer and I could no longer be shocked by it. Unfortunately, the Villans always seem to find a way of plunging to new depths of awfulness.

Saturday’s game against Chelsea was another example of a team completely inept in every department – defence, attack, organisation, effort and skill. On paper, that Chelsea team was probably the weakest one played all season and we made them look like Barcelona.

The next team sheet will be telling…

Eric Black, like Rémi Garde before him, has been reluctant to play some of our youth players, citing the negative atmosphere at the club as an excuse.
I find it almost inconceivable that playing first team football would be detrimental to any young player. They needn’t worry about the fans getting on their backs; we’ll get behind anyone who isn’t Lescott, Richards, Bacuna, Agbonlahor, Guzan et al.

There is no excuse for playing any of these senior players again. We are as good as down so I’ll be livid if I see any of those names on the team sheet for the Bournemouth game on Saturday. If they can hold their places after the last performance then it’s no wonder these players don’t try.

We need a different approach in the dugout

It pains me to say this: I wouldn’t be against Nigel Pearson as manager. I never thought that would be the case but, such is the malaise at the club, we need a no-nonsense approach and he could give us that.

Personally I would prefer Moyes or Dyche, although right now I would take anyone brave enough to give the job a go (apart from Dwight Yorke). As long as it is someone who will stand up to these so-called ‘big name’ players, it will be a start.

Support the U21s

On a slightly more positive note, a growing number of Villa fans have turned their disillusionment with the first team into support for Aston Villa’s Under 21 players, who are currently second in their league.

We have got some exciting players at that level who may be called upon next season: the likes of Green, Suliman, Lyden and Hepburn-Murphy could potentially make the step up to first team football soon.

I would advise Villa fans to turn their backs on the utter farce that is our first team for the rest of the season and get behind these young players who have actually been doing the shirt proud.



  1. I totally agree Matt. It is pointless to continue to play people who are a disgrace to their profession. In any other walk of life (except perhaps banking and politics) if you were this bad at your job and obviously not trying you would quite rightly be sacked. In fact the poison at the club runs so deep that many of these so-called players should be paid off to prevent them corrupting the youngsters.
    Now is the time to blood Green, Lyden and co to re-establish a connection between the team and supporters. I am convinced that the Villa Park crowd would rise as one to roar on the kids. I see little point in Black still being at the club. Villa need to appoint a manager right now to analyse the current playing staff to establish who actually wants to play for the club. As the much discussed Moyes and Pearson seem to be available why is there a delay?

  2. The more i think about it the more I like the idea of Mick McCarthy as our next manager.

    Firstly he’s got two different clubs promoted, both with little financial backing
    Secondly despite his playing career, his teams always played good passing football in the AV tradition
    Thirdly he is an honourable guy, a bit like Garde, and we could do with a bit of class around the place
    Fourthly he has a track record of bringing in good players and making them better,

    I think the likes of Grealish, Lyden, Gary Gardener, Clark and even Gestede would come on in leaps and bounds under him. I think Pearson would cause too much trouble, Moyes too conservative, would be happy with Dyche too but remember McCarthy has a lot more experience at club and international level.

  3. Nigel Pearson is the only man to get me back at V Park

    As for Eric Black just another weak jock ignoring the kids for utter dross senior players who want shooting by firing squad
    for cowardice. 56yrs supporter.

  4. Seems a no brainer, right? Watch Black start Lescott and Richards though. They must want us to go down as soon as possible.

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