Changing of the Garde?

Rémi Garde may be sacked as Aston Villa manager before he has spent six months in charge of the club rooted to the bottom of the Premier League. If he is still in place after this week then the axe can’t be far from falling.

I have spoken highly of Garde and still believe he is a good manager who will have a long and successful career. Whether his career will be in England is up for debate. He is, hopefully, the final victim of Villa’s failing board and transfer committee, both of which have been deemed unfit for purpose and unceremoniously dismantled by new chairman Steve Hollis and directors Sir Mervin King and David Bernstein. The changes to the board are very welcome but their effectiveness will be measured by the Villans’ assault on the Championship next season.

I think the board will take its time appointing a replacement to Garde, maybe with a caretaker manager taking charge until the end of the season. There is a rumour that Steve Bruce is the man they are targeting. Personally, I’m not completely against Bruce, who does have a decent record in the Championship. However, I would not like to see Nigel Pearson take charge. The club is too fragile for someone with his aggressive demeanour – and I’m not talking about his playing style. Also, most of his coaching staff remained at Leicester City, a club that, at the very least, will be in the Champions League next season, so the chances of attracting them to a Championship Villa are minimal.

I’d like us to try and convince David Moyes to come in. Both Moyes and the club have points to prove and he does have experience of building success on a very tight budget. The club needs an experienced British manager at the very least. There is no more room for experimenting with managers who have had one good season or who are young and upcoming prospects like Gary Rowett, whose name has also been mentioned in connection with the manager’s job at Aston Villa.

This season should be written off now. Unfortunately, we are going down. The club has accepted it, the fans have (reluctantly) and the players certainly have. It looks like the rebuilding has started in time to put Aston Villa Football Club in a stronger position in the near future. So strap yourself in, hold your breath and wait – it’s going to be a roller-coaster ride for the next few months.

Up the Villa!


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  1. Nigel is just the man to kick out these over paid wimps. Moyes and Rodgers are fading stars who can not cut it.
    Bruce, Jesus Christ no. Providing this board back Pearson his cv says it all. No more weaklings, someone to instill a
    Ron Saunders presence. Nigel Pearson has that Saunders mould. SIGN HIM NOW. Hollis, King, Bernstien Little, put some teeth back in that Lion emblem.

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