It’s very hard to hold out any hope for our game tomorrow afternoon against an in-form Tottenham Hotspur side. We have had contrasting seasons, to say the least, with Pochettino’s men actually mounting a title challenge this year. We still sit bottom, without hope and without having seen decent performances, which is perhaps the most frustrating thing about our last few games.

Watching the game against Manchester City last week, it was inevitable that the hosts were going to win comfortably. Even at half time, when it was goalless, I was merely waiting for the game to resume and for the Citizens to find a way through. There was just no energy or passion about the way we were playing. We were camped in our half after five minutes with no intention of leaving it, which made for painful, pointless viewing.

In the end, we conceded four. It could have been a lot more, with Agüero missing a penalty and Guzan actually making a few good saves throughout the game. I know that we can’t expect a win at the Etihad, nor can we expect one this week, but we can demand a spirited performance from our players. Honestly, I can take it if we lose. We lose every week – it’s expected. I can’t take another ninety minutes of the sort of football we saw last Saturday.

Players were ducking out of tackles, refusing to run at City players with the ball and seemingly went there expecting to lose. I know this because Jordan Ayew told the press just that before kick-off, predicting a Manchester City win. What does that say about this squad? Micah Richards seemed more focused on catching up with his old pals than on playing football. The players turned up knowing they would lose – and they did. However, the fans still had to pay a lot of money to watch them.

I really don’t expect anything from tomorrow’s game. Tottenham Hotspur is by far the better side at the minute. Nevertheless, I want to see some effort from our players. Our performances haven’t warranted results and so there has been nothing to be optimistic about. Some sides go out in a blaze of glory and we’re going out with a whimper.

We’re already relegated, realistically, so I don’t think that I’m asking for much. I want to be able to actually clap the players off at full time because we’ve taken some pride in our performance. If we sit back at home and let them play around us, I won’t be able to accept that. A little desire goes a long way in football and we desperately need to show some in our final few games.


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