Make it stop!

I am really struggling to write about Aston Villa each week. Such is my disillusionment that when I sit down on a Sunday afternoon to tap away I find myself wondering what on earth I can write.

The club is in the midst of an absolute crisis. We have effectively already been relegated and, to compound our misery, have started to get thrashed every week when previously we were only losing by the odd goal. The weekly humiliations mean that, on aggregate over the last three games, the record is 13-1 against Aston Villa, with twelve different goal-scorers. Life as a Villa fan is horrendous.

It seems that as soon as we concede one goal the players seem to think it’s acceptable to stop trying. It’s not. These players have been nothing short of shambolic this season. I know the issues off the field have contributed to the club’s demise but the players’ attitudes have been nothing short of appalling. Even if they are lacking the quality needed to compete in what is supposed to be the world’s best league, I would expect to see a bit of heart. The only person leaving it all on the field is Alan Hutton, who chases everything and puts in his all.

I just want this season to end so we can rid the club of the poison seeping through it. Aston Villa Football Club needs a new board, a new team and a new management team. I like Garde and I think he has the potential to be a good manager, although not at Aston Villa. He has been severely damaged by the board’s treatment of him and overseeing loss after loss takes its toll. The best thing would be for him to depart at the end of the season and for the board to get a scrapper in who knows the Championship. I don’t know who that man might be. Personally, I hope it’s not Nigel Pearson. The man doesn’t strike me as someone who can come in during difficult times and inspire confidence. He did well with Leicester City, keeping the Foxes up. Their form this season is nothing short of exceptional but I don’t think that has much to do with Pearson.

Our club’s officials needs to accept relegation and hit the ground running in preparation for August 6th, which is when the 2016-17 Championship season gets under way. By the time May rolls around, Fox and his transfer committee must be gone, there must be a plan in place and we need to see intent with the recruitment of players who will allow us to bounce straight back up to the top flight.

I will be renewing my season ticket next season in the hope that we can at least start to win a few games and play better football.


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