With each passing week there seems to be another embarrassment for Aston Villa Football Club. We truly have become the laughing stock of English football: while it is the least of fans’ worries, cutting chocolate biscuits from the match day experience of people paying up to £400 for hospitality tickets is insane.

The club is sinking faster than a lead balloon. An investigation is supposedly under way into the causes of this disaster of a season. To most fans the answer is simple: King and Hollis now have to clear that boardroom and start from scratch. Tom Fox and his comical transfer committee must be cut out, as they are obviously not up to the task of running a football club. I wouldn’t trust Fox to organise a stag do. Big changes are required, either by a sale or by bringing in football people, if the club is to carve a path back to the Premier League next season. If this circus is allowed to continue, we could very well end up with back to back relegations on our hands.

The fans have no trust in those running this club and it’s painfully obvious that the issues lie far deeper than with those on the pitch. We know the team is not good enough and we are going to be relegated in the coming weeks. However, a sign that those at the top want to salvage this sinking ship wouldn’t have gone amiss.

I don’t know how true the rumours are that Fox now has bodyguards, although I certainly wouldn’t hold back from making my feelings known if I got the opportunity to meet the man face-to-face. The men in charge are killing this club. The infrastructure is there for someone who cares to restore Aston Villa Football Club to its former glory. That will not happen with this board and the longer the current board members remain in place the harder it will be to turn things around.

As for us, as ‘customers’, we need to show our discontent. We need to be vocal for all the remaining home games. Bring the bed sheets, get the ‘Lerner out’ scarves sorted and cover Aston in stickers of the same nature. I know it may sound pointless to some but we have to do something. Those who want to make a difference will find a way while others will find excuses. There is talk of a walk out, initially at the Everton game, which may have an impact if enough fans support the idea. A projector protest in the same style as Leeds United is another possibility. Whatever form the protest takes, the message that we are united in our anger and disappointment needs to be seen and heard.


  1. The Wrong Fox in the Wrong Box
    I can’t help feel that the irony of our only Fox-in-a-box is one called Tom. If he had been more proactive at bringing in a striker (the preferred Fox-in-a-box), got some decent defenders (rather than bodyguards), then I think Villa would have done okay this season. The guy is so slick, I can’t believe the slime trail he leaves behind, didn’t deter Lerner from employing him in the first place. An honest board will lead to an honest team. The current stink we have to watch on the pitch each week, is only a result of the s*** trickling down from the top! I agree. Get rid of Fox, bring back hunting, and chase him out.

  2. Hollis & King have only been with the board a short while and have already stated that there are big problems at the club and by that it should be inferred by that they mean the administration rather than the team/squad which by the results we know are not good enough
    Fingers then point at Fox as he’s the CEO , but in reality he’s not been at the club , and I’ve been pointing at his predecessor as the source of many of the woes , or was he ?
    Lerner as owner of course get’s a fair amount of flack but he’s been back in the States for most of the problem years . But apart from the General who else is on the Board who could or should take responsibility for the mess ? Well according to the OS which may/may not require updating we do have a Chief Financial Officer who manages to stay out of the limelight but who I’ve heard more than a few mutterings about going as far back as the O’Neil era . And for the past few weeks I’ve been questioning his part in our current plight & folk have wondered why . There were a few rumours on Friday that he is about to resign & apart from a few suggesting that might herald more woes little else . I’ve also been told that aside from the playing staff , the club has one of the highest salary bills in the League so could it be that we are spending too much on the administration of the club and not enough on the service ?

  3. In some countries the state the club now finds itself in would trigger a criminal investigation, and gross incompetence would not be accepted as a defence.


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