In the last few years, Aston Villa Football Club has faced many problems. The fans have directed the blame at many people, including the owner, the manager and the players. Most recently, the owner and his useless board members, who know nothing about football, have taken the flak and this has taken the heat off the players, who certainly haven’t helped the current situation.

Last week, following a disgusting 0-6 defeat to Liverpool, Joleon Lescott tweeted a photo of a Mercedes, reminding us all that his extravagant lifestyle is of course paid for by the loyal Villa fans. This conduct is really worrying, as Lescott is a local lad and supposedly a boyhood Villa fan. If his heart isn’t in it then whose is? The fact that he used an excuse as lousy as the one that he did (that his phone was in his pocket and the image tweeted itself) made the sorry situation even more pathetic.

On top of that, this week we saw reports from former match day receptionist and Villa fan Elaine Rose, who quit her job and posted her resignation letter online. Although Elaine Rose is not the expert on the running of Aston Villa Football Club that some believe the woman to be, in this letter, some of our worries were confirmed. Tom Fox genuinely hires bodyguards to make sure angry fans don’t abuse him in the directors’ box. Match day staff are apparently being sent home at half time to save money, which seems ironic when we have underperforming players earning tens of thousands of pounds per week. We are making cuts in the wrong places. Relegation preparations should involve astute savings to minimise the impact on long serving and hard-working staff.

Somehow, Garde remains slightly credible. Considering he was seemingly shafted in the January transfer window and that his side lost by six at home last weeken, it is a relief that he wants to stay and wants to finish the job that he’s started. The board had no response to this, with nobody saying anything on the subject (as on so many others). The Aston Villa board members do themselves no favours. Time is running out for us. While we all hope that the players can, somehow, somewhere, get points on the board and claw away from the relegation zone, the reality is that this is looking increasingly unlikely to happen and, in the meantime, the club is being run into the ground.


  1. Was Garde shafted in the january window or could it be that very few if any players want to come to Villa and fight for the club , and face abuse if they don’t !

  2. The ironic thing about Randy Lerner trying to run this club as a business makes no business sense! Applying Little or no investment in a Club that could benifit from £360 million of TVs money under the new deal! And accept currently £64 million in parachute payments over 3/4 years under current deal! This will only cover a fraction of the 2014 reported operating costs of £122 million! And given the turnover was only £117M in the premiership it’s obvious this is only going to go down in the Championship! So his £5M operating loss is going to increase massively! As opposed to following Mke Ashley (business man) and investing circa £50M in players and salaries, And giving ourselves a chance, decent players if reports are righ have been rejected by the board that have been recommended by Remi, Sherwood, and Lambert! Even if we have to carry the circa £3M or so on NZogbia and no doubt others. I recognise we have Ayew, Gestede, and Kozak out but we desperately needed a quality forward! Randy did it with Bent! But not this time! Again no sense! He has reportedly invested £200M in this club! Why not protect your investment! Too late now, we rely on current crop! We need 5 wins to even get close to the rest of the crop, and looking increasingly difficult, but it’s not over until the fat lady sings! #UTV #AVFC

  3. Nice one Sam,hope that Hollis sends the people who are needing their p45
    Get them. That includes Fox Rielly and Almstadt. At least eight senior players
    also need sacking. The players the new manager needs to save the club are
    being held back by these failures at the club

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