Randy Lerner: The destroyer of Aston Villa


Founded in 1874, Aston Villa is a football club with a fantastic history – it’s the claret and blue of Birmingham. With the Premier League rewarding clubs with ever greater sums of money, it seemed like common sense that Randy Lerner would find a good manager and then spend a healthy sum of money to help take Aston Villa into this new Premier League age.

I’m a believer that Lerner purchased Aston Villa thinking he could quickly get the club into the Champions League. It was an investment opportunity for him. Once in the Champions League, it wouldn’t have surprised me if he’d quickly sold the club for a handsome profit.

Everything seemed to go wrong when Martin O’Neill left the club. At that point in time, it was easy for fans to criticise O’Neill for his action. Since then, we’ve become far wiser after seeing just how Lerner operates. Lerner missed the Champions League dream and wasn’t willing to risk any extra expenditure; he wanted his money back. That, in my belief, is why we’ve slipped ever since.

With poor decision making a common trend, it’s no wonder that we are bottom of the table. Bringing in Tim Sherwood was more than just a risk when trusting how he’d operate within the transfer market – an area that Sherwood was untested in. He was a total gamble. I don’t blame Sherwood either: he gave it a go and helped to get us to last year’s FA Cup final. He did the best job he possibly could. Trusting him with a transfer budget was definitely not a wise move.

Then came Rémi Garde, probably because he was once the manager of Lyon. Presumably the thinking was that he would surely know how to utilise all of the French players Sherwood purchased. Again, it would be totally unfair to point the finger at Garde. What we really needed was a Sam Allardyce, if only as a temporary solution. After all, who would be better placed to get the most out of a mediocre set of players?

The club is extremely unsettled at the top and this has trickled down to all levels. Lerner appears to be naive and really has made a complete mistake when using our football club as an investment. He was the wrong man. Whilst Doug Ellis was criticised for keeping things tight and conservative, at least he kept things under control and he really cared about the club.

Simply put, just as a politician can ruin a country, the same might be said for the owner of a football club. That’s because it really does matter what decisions are made by the person sitting at the top of the tree. Sadly, the latest news is that Elaine Rose, a match day hospitality hostess, has recently quit after revealing that she’s had enough of how the club is managed, which was another uninspiring piece of news.

Just seeing where we are positioned leaves a nasty and bitter taste in my mouth. Aston Villa Football Club really is heading in the wrong direction. Although we could blame the manager or players, the real blame should surely lie at the feet of Randy Lerner.

Quite honestly, I feel as though the best option available for Villa fans is to try to force Lerner to sell. Let’s put the pressure on at every level. After all, we need someone who is decisive, makes the right decisions and has the investment to provide what is needed. Either this, or Lerner needs to radically change his attitude towards our amazing club.

These are just my views. How do you feel about Lerner? Do you think he should go? Do you blame him for our demise? Feel free to leave your comments below.


  1. Agree 100% my views exactly, he thought he could make money and when he realised how tough it was he just gave up and started clawing money back with no regard to the club. His PR team created an image of a kind caring man who loved the club but was all BS, the guy is a fraud a conman out to make money. The day he walked into Villa Park was the worst day in the clubs history and the day he walks out will be the best. Randy Lerner is a disgraceful man and owner.

  2. It doesn’t matter – Randy is never going to read these comments or even care, he has put people in charge who will be given budgets and told to get on with it. Same thing happened to Coventry City and look how far they have fallen. i’ve been a Villa fan all my life. Until Randy goes it’s only going to get worse.

  3. Money! Money! Money! The root of all evil! But the thing we can not do without.

    Of course we should have got into the CL but O’Neil failed us, the club & Lerner in not doing so! Lerner gambled a lot of money on the club doing so . But what was he doing whilst MON was spending his money?

    Well he certainly was not doing what the Glaiser family have done at Man U, which was to live off the investment income that club had as Villa did not have such income untill Lerner arrived and whilst MON was wasting money on squad players who never played yet got paid large sums of money Randy was trying to make the club more capable of running itself as a big clun should be capable of doing.

    But it’s too easy to look at all those 6th place finishes and what has followed and blame him and not O’Nearly for digging us into debt when the money given him to get us CL was wasted!

    As for Lerner giving the club back to the fans why should he give money to fans ungrateful for the money he has spent on the club?
    And where is the money going to come from to run the club?

    Easy to say gimee, I want ! But give fans what exactly?

    And who is going to finance the club because without finance the club will surely vanish into oblivion, but perhaps with just a little more thought to the playing side we may yet have a club to be proud of once more!

  4. We need to demonstrate our feelings outside and inside the ground. A televised game would be the best but the management would, no doubt, be one step ahead to prevent banners being taken in. I feel helpless at the moment in that our glorious club is being dragged down and I’m doing nothing about it. LERNER OUT………. FOX OUT!

  5. Jay, if you appointed Alex Ferguson this side would still go down.

    There are too little players who know where the goal is.

    Sadly it had to take an injury to Richards to remove him from that centre back slot, and an injury to Hutton to get him at right back and I still can’t understand how Senderos could have been so bad he wasn’t worth a squad number but you can have the best defence in the world but it’s no good if the six infront of them are incapable of creating and scoring goals.

  6. Jay Allsopp was doing quite well then he spoilt it all by stating “Remi Guard was bought in to work with the French players Sherwood had purchased.” Sherwood listed several players but they were not purchased instead the club got players recommended by Reilly and co. Martin O’Neill wanted two more quality players who he believed would take us into the top 4. Lets not forget Spurs and Everton were struggling to keep up with us as a top six club at the time but look at them now. No wonder once O’Neill got to know Lerner’s vision for the future he virtually broke the door down in his haste to get out. Even Lambert asked if he could resign as the club wouldn’t get the forwards he wanted. Now it seems that Fox, Reilly, Almstad, Krulak and co will probably keep their jobs while the staff in the stadium and the club shop lose theirs. Lerner and his boneheads will continue to drag us down even further the longer they hang around .

  7. Having supported my Villa from the wartime years (1940’s) through highs & lows to the present,this 82 year old season ticket holder never felt so sickened.

  8. No excuses. No blaming O’neill or anyone else. c.gale, you’re wrong and not seeing the obvious even after all this time. Even Randy’s biggest fans have deserted him.

    He is to blame for not keeping an eye on MON’s spending full stop.

    He appointed Fox so again, his fault.

    He shouldn’t have invested in something he knows FA about for starters.

    4 games in 3 years but sucking up to Prince William at the Cup final.

    And the lies re: him wanting to sell whilst devaluing and asset stripping us is pathetic.

  9. Simple words, if Villa and Randy Lerner go their seperate ways, that will be the biggest trophey Villa would win, as I would see it since Mr. Lerner took over this club, in my opinion we lost probaly one of the best managers in the premiership in Martin O Neil and I’ve got to say and I hope I’m wrong, but Villa are heading towards the bottom of the football league , division 2. Sorry but I’ve moved on with other sports, kind regards to those villa fans who keep going down the ground……..big lion, 50…..

    Just to had to my email, I’m not a deserter but it breaks my heart to see once a great and fabulous club run into the ground.

  10. I’ve also moved on, i got tired a long time ago of watching Villa get thumped every game they play, i certainly would’nt like to be Randy Learner if he shows up at villa park again, i think villa fans will Lynch him but i have to say he can’t be much of a business man to not invest in the january window knowing villa will miss out of over 100 million for not staying in the premiership, surely it would have been wise to try and get a few players in to at least give us a fighting chance but it seems he don’t give a shit, so i think the villa fans should boycot, those that don’t need their head read. I would’nt waist my hard ernt cash to line the powers at be pockets.


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