As Liverpool’s sixth goal went in last weekend, I realised that we really have hit rock bottom as a football club. We have been witness to some pretty awful defending this season, but watching the ball loop in off a motionless Kolo Toure’s face was almost comical. A half empty Villa Park after an hour isn’t funny at all, however, but certainly justified. I was surprised more fans didn’t leave earlier. This season has been like paying a vet in weekly installments to slowly but surely put your dog down.

This season has been coming for a while and I think the fans have been extremely loyal to the club given the circumstances. We have gone from challenging for a Champions League spot to the laughing stock of the Premier League in a space of a few years. The last few campaigns have seen us locked in a relegation dogfight year after year, a fight which we should not be involved in, and that simply isn’t good enough. After Martin O’Neill’s departure and the subsequent sales of our best players to other clubs, being a Villa fan hasn’t been easy.

In that time, most fans have still stayed loyal to the organisation. Season tickets were still bought, no mass protests occurred and we still got behind the team. Aston Villa fans’ loyalty and patience in the last few years has really been miraculous given the performances and results that we have had to endure in that time. There has been talk of some form of protest during the Stoke game next week and the Everton one at Villa Park, whether it be arriving late or leaving early, and this really doesn’t surprise me. What amazes me is that this hasn’t been considered sooner. Even if you forget about the controversies off the pitch, with the main culprit being Joleon Lescott, a protest is more than justified. Some would argue that it is long overdue.

So, have Villa fans been too patient with the football club? Good support should be recognised and applauded but, in our current situation, a statement of our anger and frustration is more than necessary. Both can, in fact, go together. I don’t think that Tom Fox and Randy Lerner quite appreciate how much time and support they have been given by the fans. The last few years have been a shambles and they deserve to be told that our faith in them has finally run out. It will be interesting to see what, if anything, is done by the fans to communicate their extreme dissatisfaction.


  1. Villa fans have been far too patient for far too long many fans have defended Lerner in the misguided belief that he would do right by the club and that he loves the club. The reaction we are seeing now and the sheer anger towards our pathetic owner should have come at least 3 years ago as it was clear from his actions that recouping his money was his number 1 priority and Villa were of no interest to him. Lerner does not give a toss about the club.

  2. Have to admit I snapped at the fifth goal last weekend, couldn’t stomach anymore and left immediately after. I always see the games out,never leave early and always digest the performance with pals while walking back to the car but enough is enough. This administration has proven to be utterly incompetent and fully deserves to be lambasted but they believe themselves to be beyond criticism and opt to just throw out those who dare to voice their frustration.

    The truth is that the press is always bad,performances are poor at best,the board inspire no confidence for a recovery and is made up of “business men” and not football men. There really isn’t much to keep you in your seat.

    For the first time in this 10 year stint as a ST holder I’m considering non renewal if only to try and get back some of the desire, the desire and passion it takes to follow home & away,spend thousands a season and be proud to tell people when they ask that you’re a Villa fan.

  3. Whether the protest is at the beginning of the game or at the end ..the board will only count the money in…job done – it wouldn’t matter to them….but if you just don’t turn up a particular game .then that is revenue lost – that hurts – it may hurt the club but in the long term it turns the heads of the revenue counters – thats what grabs the attention… the board think the fans are too stupid to consider that prospect – trust me i know , i worked for an american financial company and this is where it hurts – no turn out means less bonus for the executives – as reluctant as we would be – due to blind deep loyalty – pragmatics has to revere its ugly head and bean counting is where its at. no ticket sales – no beans = resignations

  4. I think the opposite should be done. Pack Villa Park out to the rafters. Show them how much we care, have 40000 fans baying for blood. Intimidate them, embarrass them. If we stop going our club will start to go down further. it needs us more than anything now.

  5. I agree with Steve pack the stadium and give the owner and board (Hangers On) pelters all game against Everton.
    Take your scarves with PROUD HISTORY Bright Future and throw them onto the pitch. They might be able to stop you taking banners in but can’t stop you wearing a scarf. Go on throw them back in Lerner’s Face


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