Responding to relegation


We are going down. That is a certainty and one that I am strangely glad has come now rather than on the last day of the season. That is something that I would not have been able to cope with and I know most Villa fans would feel the same way.


Firstly we are falling out of the top division which we have been in for so long and in which we belong. Not only is the prestige of the league something that will no longer apply to us, but going down this season will also mean we are set to lose out on the massive TV money packages coming in for next year.


With all this doom and gloom surrounding the club, and the awful board situation, it is easy to see us plummeting to depths uncomfortable to comprehend.


We must make sure that we consolidate, regroup and avoid the horrifying prospect of a double relegation.


We have not tasted the regular winning feeling for around five to six years and it is not something we should expect to return the minute we drop down into the Championship.


If there is anything to be said for that league is that it is brutally competitive and any teams not up for the fight will get chewed up and spat out. We cannot let that happen. Too often have our teams looked toothless, desireless and weak. If that remains the case, the prospect of another relegation is something we shouldn’t ignore.


I am not saying it is inevitable by any means, it’s just crucial that we get the transition right. Looking at the board’s behavior recently they have been planning for next year in the Championship already so there really is no excuse if we don’t come out all guns blazing.


The name, Aston Villa, is too big for the Championship and many teams will be intimidated but motivated to diminish us further. We cannot let that happen. Some of the teams coming to Villa Park next year will rarely have played at such big grounds and they will want to prove their point. We cannot let that happen.


Coming straight back up is not something we can expect to happen without a great deal of effort. We need to get the winning feeling back and show the Country that Villa is not dead. There are plenty of people who see us as a joke, well we need to fight back. If we don’t the future really looks bleak


  1. So what exactly was it that Doug Ellis saw in Randy Lerner that led him to believe Villa would be safe in his hands?

  2. Now that it looks as if relegation is inevitable we should not lie down and die , but as Garde has suggested we should go down fighting .
    Now is the time to start testing the youngsters who could form a sizeable part of next seasons squad, if they are good enough ! Lydon certainly seems to be such a player & hopefully he will now get a chance to prove himself . But how many more will we see

  3. I’m afraid that until we get new owners and a complete new board including the scouting set up which is clueless were going nowhere except down, at least half of the current 1st team players need to go and I include Lescott, players who disrespect fans who are kicked in the teeth every week are not wanted and not fit to wear the shirt. I’m not confident that we will cope with the Championship unless we get our act together and go all out for a quick return but this will mean the board backing Remi Garde fully and financially. Again I can’t see it unless they are gone. The whole thing is a total embarassment.


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