At the time of writing, all Aston Villa Football Club has achieved in the January transfer window is to hand ultimate control of the football club to a man who, as he openly admitted, hasn’t the first clue how to run one. All the other teams in danger of relegation have managed to add multiple players to their squads while Aston Villa Football Club becomes more of an embarrassment to football with each passing day.

The team and manager may not have given up but it certainly looks like the board has. Aston Villa Football Club is going to be relegated; we’ve known this for weeks now. However, there have been no signs from the top that the men in power have any intention of putting the club in a position to bounce back. Instead it’s been suggested that Steve Hollis has been brought in to asset strip the club to facilitate a quick sale. It wouldn’t be the end of the world if a sale occurred this summer, as someone who actually cares could put money in, but if a sale comes any later than that I would really fear for Aston Villa. We are going the way of Nottingham Forest and Leeds United, massive football clubs with great fans, that are rotting in England’s second tier.

This weekend’s performance highlighted the lack of quality in the side. A Manchester City B team comfortably beat us at Villa Park without even really getting out of second gear. I had never heard of their hat-trick hero, Kelechi Iheanacho, until he bagged against us. Having said that, can we have him on loan? He looked twenty times better than Gestede or Kozák ever will.

The disillusion we all feel is taking its toll. There were fewer that 24,000 fans inside Villa Park for a game against one of the ‘big’ teams that wasn’t on television and in the FA Cup. 7,000 of those fans were there to support the visiting team. I can’t blame Villa fans for voting with their feet, as I regret wasting £15 on my ticket and wish I’d gone to the cinema instead (it’s Oscar season, after all, and there’s much better entertainment to be found at your local cinema than at Villa Park). The only positive from Saturday was that getting out of Aston was a dream.

Aston Villa Football Club deserves board members who care and an owner who will act to keep us in the Premier League. While he divided opinion, Doug Ellis would never have seen us in this mess and he didn’t have the resources that Randy Lerner has.


  1. It has nothing to do with resources and everything to do with understanding the club and setting a sensible strategy and direction. Lerner has never understood any of this and never will. Fox is a “yank” without a clue about football. Hollis is a tax accountant with all of the charisma of … a tax accountant! Desperate times and we really do need desperate measures. A sale to someone with an ounce of business sense that knows you can’t lurch from one crisis to the next and hope to succeed!

  2. Hollis might not have any experience in running a footie club but he does have experience in rescuing failing businesses away from the grasp of the receivers . And top footie clubs are businesses even if that business is footie . And whilest Hollis has no experience of running a footie club he is a fan of footie , But from his comments despite the club being on a better financial footing than when Randy took over it is still under performing in many areas and not just on the pitch . But that’s what happens when there is a CEO running things who seemed to think that saving money was all important and that it was OK to buy a carthorse when the required race horse was just over budget . Forgetting that in footie it’s not just first past the post that matters when the dosh is dished out at the end of the season . Or that buying the player just over budget might have made a big difference in the finishing position . And that over spend could have been covered with a little left over by a higher finish

  3. What is the point in writing posts on all available websites about villa? Really? Because we all know learner does not want to spend any money, hence the 8-10 million net spend, while he pockets the TV money. The board are inept with no footballing experience. Randy had an opportunity in recruiting a top quality, footbaing chairman, who knows the game and has experience. But NO, he hired a yes man, who will assist strip this club further than it has been already. Back to my question…….what is the point in writing posts when villa fans will continue to pay their money and support this board, owner and chairman. Because it seems, non of you villa fans are taking in what people are saying, as the same has been said, for the past 2-4 years and we still get 29,000+ happy clappers watching below standard players.

  4. ” Steve Hollis has been brought in to asset strip the club to facilitate a quick sale” nail on head I think. Learner has no interest going forward in Aston Villa, his only objective is to trawl as much cash back for himself before he sells at a reduced price. This is what Hollis is brilliant at.


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