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Aston Villa Football Club was one of the founding members of the Football League. Aston Villa Football Club has been inthe Premier League since the very start. Aston Villa Football Club’s team of 1982 won the European Cup. The Villans were champions of England. Aston Villa was once a team that other teams wanted to be, people were once envious of our success, but we are now a laughing stock, an object of ridicule in the Football League we founded.

What would William McGregor think of this demise of this football club?

Some supporters have witnessed the glory days: they have seen Aston Villa Football Club as a force to be reckoned with, a club others feared. That was when we had an identity. We had a purpose. The players knew their roles; they knew what it took to wear the badge of Aston Villa.

Club legends such as Paul McGrath, Ian Taylor and Martin Laursen have all expressed their discontent at the club’s current predicament.

Under Martin O’Neill we had a strong core, players the club and fans could always rely on. The team had pace, strength, pure grit and the determination and passion needed to drag the club over the line. Look at the game at Goodison Park in December 2008: we witnessed a team with a never say die attitude. Current Aston Villa defender Joleon Lescott had scored what looked to be a last minute equaliser, which visibly flattened the Villa players. However, Ashley Young tore up the pitch and scored a phenomenal winner.

Then look at the game that took place at the Stadium of Light on January 2nd 2016. Which players were putting their bodies on the line?

When you look at the third goal, the players had just given up; the players gave up hope of the club staying in the Premier League. Fans just want to see the players giving their all for the shirt. Supporters want to see desire, but there is none of that in the current dressing room.

Tom Fox sees Aston Villa Football Club as a business and looks at supporters as customers. That is the situation we are in now. We have a board whose members do not have any footballing knowledge. Even so, a businessman should know not to treat one of his prized assets so poorly.

What has General Charles Krulak done for the club?

Aston Villa is now destined to be relegated to the Championship, a league that is notoriously difficult. Teams are now splashing the cash, something we have not done, and that is going to come back and haunt us, thanks to Randy Lerner.

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