Each weekend we find a new low


As soon as the Chairboys scored that penalty to level the game, I just knew that the Villans would not come back into it. The team didn’t even look like scoring, apart from Gestede’s deflected effort that hit the crossbar on its way over. Failing to beat Wycombe Wanderers should not have come as a surprise. The performance, however, showed the sorry state the club is in.

There is one player seemingly hurting – and that’s Micah Richards. Having been substituted on Saturday afternoon, the Aston Villa captain spoke directly to fans and, contrary to what the headlines said, he did not do so in a hostile fashion. Richards told those fans that Rémi Garde’s beleaguered boys are “trying” and are hurting as much as the fans are.

Regarding Richards on the pitch, we finally saw him at right back, a problematic position. Most welcomed the manager’s belated decision to use his captain at right back, where I think he needs to remain unless a better player is brought in this month. Once one of the best right backs in the Premier League, Richards looked more effective going forward and opened the scoring at Adams Park. He is certainly a much better option than Alan Hutton or Leandro Bacuna at right back.

On the pitch issues are just some of Aston Villa Football Club’s many problems as the club seems to spiral to a new low every weekend. I can’t even begin to speculate about what the mood will be like when relegation is finally confirmed, which will most likely be in March or April at this rate.

One thing I do know is that we now have two home games in the space of a week and the fans who drag themselves to Villa Park are not going to be in the most accommodating of moods as the team’s woeful winless streak continues. The planned protest outside the North Stand before kick-off on Tuesday seems to be gathering more support and, as a season ticket holder in that stand, I’m intrigued to see how it plays out. I won’t be taking part as I feel we can make our views heard a lot more effectively by being vocal within the stadium so I will be in my seat for kick-off.

However, as fans, we now need to express our discontent (appropriately) more than ever: if you can find a constructive way to do that then good luck to you. In this dismal patch in the club’s history I just want to urge all of our fans to be sensible. I know that passions are running high but let’s not ruin the reputation of the club’s great support because, frankly, that’s all we have left at the moment.


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