The Premier League farewell tour

Enjoy Premier League footballl while it lasts because, let’s face it, it’s unlikely to last much longer for Aston Villa Football Club! Yesterday, we lost 3-1 to Sunderland. Judging by the table, which apparently never lies, Sam Allardyce is not exactly blessed with a team of great quality yet his side beat ours quite convincingly. It was a six-pointer and, of course, we picked up none of those points and are now well on the road to the Championship.

It seems that this time every year, halfway through the season, the team in the bottom spot is the one we write off as already relegated. This time it would seem – and it’s been a long time coming – that Aston Villa is that team. Can we really get out of this mess? I think that any points we get now and any players we manage to sign in this transfer window will still prove to be too little, too late.

Enjoy these last few months in what is supposedly the world’s best football league. If you don’t go to many matches, go to some. Go and see some world class teams that we may not get to see again for a long time. Travel to Old Trafford in April and see a world famous team at a world famous stadium. Go to The Emirates and The Etihad. See talented footballers in action and make the most of life in the top flight.

I don’t want to write us off, be negative and remove any hope you may have left. Nevertheless, even the most optimistic Villa fan on the planet must feel that we are down and out. We’ve narrowly avoided relegation for quite a few years but the threat of it is more real than ever and I cannot help but feel that our fate was sealed yesterday. Our farewell tour begins.

Post-match, the famous words “They think it’s all over… it is now” appeared on the avillafan Twitter account, used ironically. It’s not just the football that has become farcical: the club itself is a joke. The staff may be there temporarily but they don’t know what they’re doing. Ours used to be a club where we could be proud of the people – people who had worked for Aston Villa Football Club for decades – at its heart. Now the owner is invisible and the board members are dead to the fans. Charles Krulak used to walk around the stadium checking everything was in order and satisfactory for the fans. Oh, how times have changed!



  1. A lot seem to like looking for records for Villa to break this season . But there is still one record that Villa could break , and that is survival with the least number of points at the turn of the year . As yes it is mathematically possible to achieve survival with the number of points waiting to be won/lost . The the question is can the team & Garde do enough to grab enough points ?
    And will the fans stick by the team untill survival becomes mathematically impossible ?

    But survival is not the only thing Villa can play for & that is the Cup. And it’s long overdue for Villa to get it’s name on it again

  2. if we had a chairman that went out and got remi and debuchy on loan

    bought austin and another dominant midfielder , a centerback,,,,,,,, then we might have a chance,,,,,,,

    but you just know we would have to get richardson kozac gabby zoggy crespo etc etc out first,,,,,,

    must get that wage bill down,,,,,,,

    ah well,,, at least we know were doomed

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