The odds aren’t in our favour

There are so many reasons to be pessimistic as a supporter of Aston Villa Football Club right now. We are bottom of the league having won one game all season, which was on its opening day. Since then, we have set another unwanted club record by going fifteen Premier League games without a win. However, it’s not just the headline news that justifies negativity, as other factors point towards relegation to the Championship too.

We have scored the fewest and conceded the joint second most goals in the Premier League. How embarrassing! It’s not just the points total that is laughing at us – we don’t even have goal difference on our side.

On top of that, no team in the position we are in at this stage of a season has ever retained its place in the Premier League. I don’t know about you but for the last few seasons, at around this point, I have looked at the bottom team and decided that team was down and out, leaving two relegation spots to be filled. This year it is the club that I support that I would write off.

There are so many things we now have to fix. It’s not just a case of getting the much discussed back-to-back wins, which looks like a near impossible task at present, but we have clean sheets we need to keep and teams we need to hammer to improve the goal difference.

On paper, what chance do we have? We are as good as down according to every statistic ever published. Positivity has to come from within. It has to come from the support you have for Aston Villa Football Club and the great triumphs you have seen the Villans accomplish over the years. Aston Villa is still a big club. We have an incredible fan base, a magnificent stadium and our club simply cannot go down. We don’t want to be like Newcastle United, even if we are starting to look like the Magpies. Newcastle is another big club that suffered relegation. Upon the club’s return to the top flight, the board adopted a transfer policy that involved signing lots of young French players. Well, look at them now. It didn’t work for them and we are copying a formula that failed.

As you can see, in practice and on paper, some serious work is needed to keep Aston Villa Football Club in the Premier League when it seems everything is working against us.

What do you think? Can we survive?


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