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The amazing atmosphere 


Saturday’s game against Everton ended badly. Being honest, it was just awful all the way through from a claret and blue perspective. It was not just a huge 4-0 loss but a true embarrassment. Nevertheless, at the first away game I have been to this season, I was blown away by the incredible support. The football itself wouldn’t make travelling to an away match again any time soon appealing but being among a couple of thousand dedicated fans, who were intent on bringing optimism and humour to Goodison Park, offered me a more a compelling reason to support my team on the road.

It was the usual drill for the first part of the game: some singing, some chanting and a bit of banter with the home fans. The atmosphere was taken up a notch in the second half. From about fifteen minutes into the second half and for at least ten minutes after, the song “Everywhere we go, everywhere we go, we’re the Villa boys making all the noise, everywhere we go” was sung non-stop. Everton fans were staring over in bemusement but also in respect of the support we were showing.

It should also be noted that Goodison Park really is a library, as I didn’t hear the Toffees sing a great deal and they only made themselves heard four times, obviously for the goals.

Football is the most widely supported sport in the country yet in Saturday’s fixture we proved that it doesn’t have to be taken quite so seriously. Rather amusingly, one clever Villan adapted the famous Christmas song by Band Aid to “Feed the Scousers” and got everyone singing it. It wasn’t just the away fans who that found it funny, as there were even Everton fans laughing with us (admittedly whilst holding up two fingers) while it was sung.

Away fans always seem to be the best fans. They are the dedicated few. Aston Villa Football Club’s away supporters did themselves proud on Saturday, unlike the first team. Acknowledging recent atrocities, the French national anthem was respected by most and those who were still making noise were told, in no uncertain terms, to be quiet. Along with that, chants of “England” were in full flow in a great demonstration of patriotism.

At recent home matches prior to the Manchester City game, the atmosphere had noticeably died down, which is disappointing if unsurprising, so it is certainly nice to know that there are still proper fans about who are prepared to back the team and enjoy themselves come what may.


  1. A few thousand Villa fans??? Er, could only sell the lower section of the away area so would of been a 1,000 at most! Not sure why you thought Everton fans were looking admiringly at you, I was in the stand above about 50 yards away and never heard you once to be honest! Nice conversations with you coming out the ground though, pleased to tell you that you were the worst team I’ve seen at Goodison for many a year

  2. Well Sam
    Although i don’t agree with all you say I have a great admiration for you and the Villa supporters as it is hard to be bottom .I can only hope the team realize how special your club is -the oldest in the Prem,and get themselves off the floor ,be proud of who they represent and show their appreciation of YOU the base of all clubs ,the supporters
    I really hope you avoid the drop as the Prem needs Villa and it’s supporters
    Good Luck

  3. Enjoy the lower leagues, Sam!

    You’ll love singing that brand new “Feed The Scousers” song with Tranmere fans before you know it.

  4. Hi – I was at the match and cant really agree with what you have said. Feed the Scousers has been sung for years so wasn’t adapted on Saturday, and it stopped being funny years ago. Songs with “my Lord” in them are tedious and the home supporters was not looking with respect but amazement that fans act like this in the 21st Century. We have songs for players and the club but dont have to be singing for the entire match. Finally singing “Is this a Library” after minutes makes it looked contrived and not a genuine view. As you only sold part of the allocation, there was not a lot of respect for the away support.

  5. Hi Guys, Everton fan here. Just wanted to say that I met a few Villa fans on Saturday on the walk up to the ground and they were proper gentlemen, to the point that we even arranged to meet up at the Lisbon post match. Thankfully a few of them turned up and we mulled over the game together, found them very accommodating and they are a credit to you.

  6. I was in Gwladys St on Saturday and, to be honest, could hardly hear the Villa fans, but fair play to the ones who waved the French tricolour, nice touch. As for the library comment, when you’re playing a team as poor as Villa it’s not easy to get excited, we expected to win and did so. And I’ve been at Villa Park in the past and you could hear a pin drop when we’ve outplayed you, you couldn’t even get angry! We’ve played Sunderland and Villa in three weeks and battered both, but I’m sorry to say that Villa look a far worse side than Sunderland. You really do need to get your act together. I hope both you and Sunderland stay up but you’ve got a fight on your hands.
    ps. Feed the Scousers? Really? From a Brummie? Take a look around your own city first.

  7. Come on lay off the lad everyone remembers their first match. At least he’s back in his shinny city where jobs are plentiful and the streets are paved with gold….

  8. Sam, i know your only 14 so this might come as a surprise to you, but not every song that fans sing is made up on the spot most of them are stolen, ‘feed the scousers’ has been sung for years along with sign on, which is funny coming from the city that is responsible for benefits street, and lastly while the atmosphere at Goodison has died down a lot in recent years, we will never look at villa fans with respect if you cant sell your allocation on a Saturday afternoon and then sing for about 15 minutes of the second half, sorry but there were a lot of backhanded compliments in this article which just looks like you are trying to make your fans sound better than they are, I actually like your club and always want you to survive and do well, until we play you and i remember what a boring bunch of scruffs you actually are

  9. Sam, don’t be disheartened son, no one from Everton coming on here are having a real go at you, just you keep supporting the Villa and with luck, we’ll see you still in the Prem next year.

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