Too often over the last five years we have been forced to bill games as “massive” or “must win” ones but Saturday’s game against Swansea City really is both of these things. Aston Villa Football Club needs a win. If it does not come on Saturday evening, we will be entering the first game of November on four points. I don’t know the statistics but I’d be willing to hedge my bets that any team in previous years on four points in the first week of November will have been relegated come the season’s end.

The weekend is of the utmost importance to Tim Sherwood but, more importantly, for Aston Villa Football Club. I still have some faith in our manager but if his team loses on Saturday I can’t see how he can keep his job. We would be in absolute disarray (if we aren’t already). I want him to succeed but without a win on Saturday I can’t see him getting the chance to.

I have an element of sympathy for our manager. The core of our side has gone and he didn’t even have a choice in the matter. Vlaar chose to go, Cleverley didn’t want to sign permanently and Benteke and Delph’s release clauses were met. Vlaar has been replaced by Richards, who seems to be an upgrade, but the others have proved to be huge losses.

I wrote last week of our failure to replace Benteke adequately and how Gestede is not the answer. We failed to get Adebayor who, like it or not, would have helped. Cleverley and Delph’s energy and guile have proved difficult to replace. We could have gotten away with losing one of them because Gueye looks like a good player but losing both has caused major issues. Gueye and Veretout are adapting. Westwood, who I love as a player, has gone off the boil and his recent form has been worrying while Sanchez doesn’t seem capable of lasting ninety minutes.

A major issue for us also is that we are a soft touch. When wounded, out of form teams face us we seem to be the just the remedy they need. Liverpool, Stoke City and Chelsea have all faced us over the last month, heading in to those games with varying degrees of problems, and we have gifted them all three points, with the goals last weekend being the worst yet. If your team is out of form, in a rut and in need of points then Aston Villa is the team you want to be facing. Unfortunately, the Villans are all of those aforementioned things themselves.

The Swans will travel to Villa Park on Saturday without a win in over a month and with their main striker Bafetimbi Gomis lacking goals. It’s a familiar scenario. Let’s hope the script is different to the ones we’ve seen played out in the last few weeks.

I can’t help but think that the end of Sherwood’s tenure is imminent. He’s lost a lot of the fans and once that happens I always think a manager is facing an uphill task, barring an outstanding run of results. Our fixtures suggest to me that the winning streak will probably not happen.

It does seem as if the board is delaying the inevitable and, if so, then the axe should probably have been wielded after the Stoke City game to give the new man a few weeks to settle with no game.

For all Villa fans disagree on things, none of us want to see the club going down. I don’t want to be watching Championship football every week. Aston Villa Football Club should never ever be in this position but we are – season upon season. Our time will eventually come if we continue like this.

Maybe we should reflect on whether all our managers post O’Neill were simply not up to the job. Is the hot-seat at Villa Park a poisoned chalice that seems to finish managerial careers? Not since Graham Taylor has a manager left B6 and gone on to better things.


  1. Since the question has been been raised about ability of our recent managers and Villa being a poisoned chalice Perhaps best I comment on that 1st as it seems our current & previous mangers have had staff problems . Lambert had Culverhouse & Karsa causing both him & the club problems from which we never fully recovered .
    Enter Sherwood the ?? saviour or so it seemed at the time . But despite a new squad which seemed to auger well for the future coupled with a win to start the season that raised hopes even more things things have not gone well . Talk of replacing the manager is on many lips with claims that the job is too big for him . But is that the case ? Some have suggested that he is following the advice of our number 2 , but looking at the bench on a match day that does not appear to be so as the person who seems to have Tim’s ear is his head coach & not the assistant manager, who many have suggested is the cause of our poor tactics ! But they may not be far from the truth in that it would seem training is confusing some players, as they do not know which boss to follow !
    Hopefully that problem is now sorted or so I hear, and there is one boss — Tim !

    So let’s wait and see what the future brings both in the League and the Cups !

  2. Tim is in big trouble. If reports are to be believed he hasn’t been given the best chance of being successful by Lerner, however he hasn’t really helped himself with some of the tactical decisions he’s made, and our general lack of direction/ideas on the pitch. Unfortunately for him, Aston Villa in it’s current incarnation has chewed up and spit out much stronger personalities than him. If I were a manager I wouldn’t go within 100 miles of the villa park job – can’t think of a single one in recent times who has gone on to bigger and better things post villa. Usually it is the start of a downward spiral. That could be down to the caliber of the managers we hire, or to the unenviable environment they are placed in by those running the club – but either way they are f*cked. Tim came in full of bravado and cockney confidence – that has well and truly been knocked out of him now. Looks a beaten man on the sidelines, out of ideas and out of time. Problem is, who could we realistically attract after him? Anyone on here know anything about Lucien Favre? from whatever I’ve read he seems like a successful, up and coming manager.

    • Maybe he looks beaten but watch those around him ! Have they all been supporting him and the team ? It seems not ! But that may well have changed after what happened yesterday although perhaps there will be little news about it . and we will have to wait until Saturday to find out if Tim can invigorate the team


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