With the Villans heading to Stamford Bridge this afternoon to take on Chelsea, I spoke to Chelsea fan Nick Eltringham ahead of the game about the rot at his club and his disappointment with the Villa side.

1. What are your thoughts on your team’s sluggish start?

It’s very disappointing. I don’t think the board spent that well over summer, all the players came back overweight and in poor form and Jose is as stubborn as ever. He’s a great, great coach when things are going well but has never stuck around anywhere in bad times so this is a new situation for him. It’s time for him to prove that he is ‘The Special One’.

2. How long does Jose Mourinho have?

I would be disappointed if he isn’t given the whole season to turn this around. His record says everything but we all know what Roman’s trigger finger is like when a string of bad results come along.

3. What are you thoughts on Tim Sherwood?

Let’s be honest: Pep would struggle with the Villa squad. Tim has a very tough job ahead of him but whether he can get you into a good position or not he is an okay manager.

4. Which former Chelsea player would you bring back? Why?

Retired or still playing? One still playing has to be Mata, who was a fans’ favourite. I would opt for a young Lampard if we could go back in time.

5. Which Villa player do you dislike?

There is no player I truly dislike and I think that is because you just aren’t one of our closest rivals at the minute. However, I would definitely say that Abonglahor is the most disappointing; I thought he was a star in the making when he was coming up through the age groups.

6. Which Chelsea player should the Villans be wary of this afternoon?

Costa! The guy has had a decent break. He worked on his fitness and is hungry for the goals that he was scoring last season.

7. How do you expect your season to pan out?

Well, I think top four is still achievable and would be a decent effort considering the start but we need to turn things around soon for that to happen.

8. What is your match prediction?

Chelsea to win 3-1.

Extra time:

9. Lager or ale?

Lager (but I would prefer a rum and coke).

10. Batman or Spiderman?

Batman, obviously.

Thanks to Nick for taking part in this week’s opposition view.


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