If the last five years have been awful for Villa fans then the last five weeks have been purgatory.

In the Premier League we have won one game, drawn one and lost six, which is abysmal.

There are many calling for the head of Sherwood and others believe that he has only a few games to save his job.

This may have to start after the Chelsea game as the likelihood of getting something from that one is minimal.

Despite the hosts being under a good deal of pressure, I unfortunately expect us to roll over, giving them no challenge, relieving their anxiety and worsening ours.

Having said that, the reason we haven’t gone down in the last few years have been down to two things. Firstly, we’ve been lucky enough that there have always somehow been three worse teams than us. Secondly, we normally have two or three fluky results per season.

Could this weekend bring one of those? Realistically, I highly doubt it but we can but dream.

As long as we don’t totally flake this weekend, there is no way we can really sentence Sherwood after it. We can’t expect to be beating teams like Chelsea when lesser opponents have been gifted three points.

We can expect to be beating some teams. On paper we have a good mix of solid experience, exciting youthfulness and some flair to throw in. So why is this mix not working? Is it just a matter of time? If so, how long are we willing to wait before something has to happen? My guess is not long.

After Chelsea we have Swansea City, Southampton and Tottenham Hotspur. Those are not easy games by any stretch of the imagination but the potential is there. We have to get results from at least some of these games or it’s going to be another long, hard season.

It would just be nice to enjoy watching the Villans play again. We have not had much enjoyment as Villa fans for a long time now and we deserve it. We have suffered more than a lot of fans and it is our turn for a bit of joy. If it’s not to come in the shape of a win this weekend then a solid performance on which to build on would be great.

Sherwood has a lot of passion and I think he has instilled it in the players. Now, it is a case of turning that passion into points. The sooner Sherwood does that the better so that the prospect of watching our team does not seem like such a chore.




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