Once again fans of Aston Villa Football Club are left feeling blue following another home defeat, this time at the hands of Stoke City, leaving the club four points adrift in the relegation zone after eight games.

The next six games don’t look any easier either. I will be shocked if we pick up any points at all based on the utterly hopeless way the Villans have tackled the season to date. We should be beating teams like Stoke City, especially at home, but we couldn’t even register a shot on target in the first half against fellow strugglers.

On paper at least, Aston Villa Football Club should have a better side than last season but there is not one player on that pitch, with the possible exception of Amavi, who is earning his wages at present. The players are second to every ball, lose every 50-50 and don’t move to give options whilst in possession. The list of failings goes on and the members of coaching staff in the dugout looked absolutely defeated towards the end of Saturday’s game.

Tim Sherwood has tried to blame a lack of fitness for the poor results, which is rubbish. He doesn’t know his best team. Almost a quarter of the way into the season, that’s not something the fans want to be hearing and it is completely unacceptable for any Premier League manager to be admitting that. Tim Sherwood has the next six games to work wonders and turn our season around in a very tough run of fixtures. If we are still in trouble after that those six games he should recognise that he can’t do the job and walk just like Dick Advocaat did yesterday afternoon at Sunderland because, let’s face it, Randy Lerner won’t sack Sherwood until it is almost too late.

I want Sherwood to be a success, for himself and for Aston Villa Football Club. I believe that there is a good manager in there somewhere but the question marks hang over his tactical knowledge, making many wonder whether he is up to the task of taking a club like Aston Villa back to a mid-table position.

Any optimism that I had before the season kicked off has all but gone. Shocking home form, inexcusable individual errors and a lack of tactical awareness have fans pushing the panic button already. I am afraid it’s going to be another bumpy ride for the Villans.


  1. So you’d be fit to play every week & perform at the level required of players in the Prem if you had the stuffing kicked out of you every match
    Seems some fans have been reading too much scifi and relating that to the advances in medical science that one hears about at regular intervals in the news. Sadly that does not extend to replacing players with cyborgs which from some comments about player fitness seem to infer that they should be .

    As for the old days when MON persuaded players to ignore their injuries and play through the pain barrier that can only go on for a limited time and one only look at what happened when more than half of MON’s players landed on the physio’s bench just after he left. Or take note of Luke Young’s comments “that he did not realise how badly he was performing until he had an enforced break”

    World class means nothing if a player is not fit which reminds me of the time former World Speedway Champion Ivan Mauger returned from Wroclaw after winning the title and suffered air sickness on the return flight to Newcastle and insisted he was fit to race despite myself & the track doctor trying to convince him otherwise yet he finished last in every race as although he was fit to ride he just was not fit enough to race. And the same applies in every sport ,As fitness to perform is dependant on the level that a sports person is expected to perform at and is not indicated by some classification as to how good they are at a sport .

    And at Villa injury seems to be a problem affecting team selection.


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