I don’t tend to watch many England games nowadays, due to the fact that I don’t like the way the team plays under Roy Hodgson. It seems to be very boring and he doesn’t get the best out of some players, in my opinion. Even so, only a few seconds into the England game against Switzerland, I found myself enjoying watching the national side more than ever when our former captain, Fabian Delph, managed to pull his hamstring in the opening stages of the match. Delph had only just returned from injury and this was his chance to prove he was worth £8 million and a chance in the Manchester City squad but injury – or karma – struck again…

Delph still has a connection with Aston Villa, which mainly involves him being the Villa fans’ worst enemy. His decision to leave Aston Villa to play for Champions League side Manchester City in the summer has probably not been his greatest decision. So far, he has been injured for many of City’s games so he has only come on as a substitute when the Citizens had already won the game anyway. His arrival at the Manchester club doesn’t seem to have had any impact on the City team apart from just making sure the main City players don’t get too tired. With his recent injury, he is expected to be out for at least six weeks, which shows that his place in the City team is already in jeopardy. Do Villa fans even care?

Well, I’m sure that we all wanted Delph to stay as our captain once he initially turned down the chance to play for City. However, once his move happened, we couldn’t help but have huge grins on our faces when we saw him disappearing from regular football due to injury. I think I speak for all Villa fans when I say that I would love to see Delph at Villa Park in November when the Villans host the Citizens. Let’s hope his injury doesn’t stop this from actually happening. Whether he starts the game or comes on as a substitute, the reaction from the fans won’t be too different. Whether or not make the team, chants will be sung during the game as Villa fans voice their opinion that he made a big mistake moving away, even if he was offered Champions League football and more money. Villa fans would have loved him for his loyalty and appreciated him more than City fans will. Delph was our captain and the core of our team, who professed to be loyal but had his head turned. He won’t get any sympathy from Villa fans at present. As his replacement, Idrissa Gueye, one of the most promising young midfielders in France last season, seems to be doing a fine job, it could well be Villa fans who have the last laugh…


  1. Give the lad a break. He was a good servant and did not have to sign the contract that gave us £8m. Sure, he screwed up his PR royally but the real screw up was Lambert’s in letting him get into the final year of his contract!

  2. Not a chance was he really a good servant he cost around what we paid for him and he never showed any promise until 2 season’s ago he was always injured since he joined as an 18 year old so in the 5 years of loyalty the club paid him he has a couple good years and screwed us over with that new contract that he signed because he had plans to leg it as soon as he was highly regarded by a top 4 club. And he was an engine but there is a whole host of defender’s that contribute more to the assist and goal stats than him glad he’s gone gana so much better


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