Ditch Delph


The name ‘Delph’ should be banished from every Aston Villa supporter’s vocabulary, after the former captain let himself and the club down.

As fans, we offer wholehearted, unwavering support to the club that we love but we cannot demand this of our players. We can certainly look for it, hope for it even, but, sadly, we cannot insist on it. We all bemoan the cliché that contracts are not worth the paper they are written on yet ignore the fact that in most other professions you could give your employer notice a month in advance and waltz off into the sunset. The days of professional footballers seeing out their contracts, no matter what happens, are long gone and, as we have seen with our former captain, it is perhaps the manner of leaving that is more important now than the actual departure. Football has evolved, not always in ways we wanted, and we have to accept that there is a greater turnover of staff at Aston Villa Football Club now than in the past.

Understandably bitter about Delph’s disrespectful departure, some fans are still mentioning the midfielder on a day-to-day basis. However, as a club, we need to move on: he may be a villain but he’s no longer a Villan and therefore does not deserve so much of fans’ attention.

Supporters need to appreciate the players we have, particularly those who have shown loyalty.

On Saturday, despite being side-lined due to injury, Jores Okore made his presence known in Walsall, where he was happy to sit with the Villa faithful and have pictures taken with the claret and blue away contingent.

Okore Walsall

The Danish defender also showed dedication to the cause last season, playing with a niggling injury. He played his part when the team was struggling, especially in defensive areas, stepping up and playing through the pain. This needs to praised. In some games he did look sluggish but that was down to his injury. This has forced the former Nordsjaelland player to have surgery, which will keep him out of action until at least September.

Sherwood hailed the resilience of Jores Okore in an interview last season, saying:

“He is a warrior who just wants to play for the club. His performances, particularly with this injury considered, have been excellent. If I want anyone to be in the trenches with me it would be him.”

Another player who has shown great loyalty to the club is Gabriel Agbonlahor. Earlier in his career, he could made a £15 million move to Arsenal, whose staff were sniffing around the then England Under-21 hopeful. However, Agbonlahor quashed those rumours of a move, insisting he was keen to stay with his hometown club.

While Agbonlahor hasn’t lived up to the potential that fans once saw in him, he still has a knack for scoring important goals in important games. In local derbies, you are likely to see Agbonlahor’s name on the scoresheet and Villa supporters will remember Agbonlahor’s late header against Birmingham City fondly.

Loyalty in football is as rare as hen’s teeth – and that is probably the case for both parties. Too often, we see football clubs deciding to release youth players or first team players wanting to ‘better’ themselves and signing lucrative contracts with ‘bigger’ clubs. Supporters must acknowledge and appreciate players’ actions while they have the chance to.


  1. I just think we move on, Delph was offered fantastic terms and champions league football as well as a chance at trophies. Delph cared about the club to at least sign a contract, bringing in money if he left. He wanted to stay, but if someone offers you double or triple your wages then that’s a big draw. It’s just unfortunate that he panicked when the club failed to sell and Benteke’s release clause was met. Delph loved this club and although he did things wrong, the sentiment was there unlike Benteke and Vlaar.

    • I agree with your point on him wanting to better himself, however it was the way he went about it that has angered football fans. He could’ve left in January when big clubs were sniffing around him, but decided to stay, and produced that infamous speech and when Manchester City came asking the first time around, and he pegged them back, football fans around the world were giving him plaudits after once again stating he was happy to stay at the club after doing another statement that was issued through the club, nly for him to leave at the second time of asking for ‘x’ amount more. That is what has irked the supporters but thank you for your comment!

    • Agree with you Dave about the Fantastic terms and champions league footy for Delph (if he gets the chance to play and is not left on the bench), but have to disagree about ” Caring for the club”, he didn’t give us a seconds thought mate when citeh sniffed. As for Benteke we all knew he was going to leave it was obvious towards the end that he wanted bigger and better things so to speak, so when he went it wasn’t a shock, and as for Vlaar!!!! well the less said about him the better, good riddance to the lot of em, dust off move on UTV, VTID.

  2. I’ve calmed down a bit now and reading his comments I think your right. He seems to have a genuine affinity to the club. He backed himself into a corner with the things he said but in the end money talks and he buckled. No one knows what his Mrs said when he visited her in the maternity ward but I doubt that she congratulated him on turning down the fortunes Man City were offering. I can’t bring myself to wish him well but as a bright prospect for England I don’t wish injury on him either. AVFC is the main thing. Hopefully T’S has bought smart and we can show Delph & Benteke that AVFC is bigger and stronger than a couple of players who will be long forgotten in a few seasons.

    • Yes, absolutely! Tim Sherwood has been very shrewd with his signings and Idrissa Gueye does look a similar player to Delph. It is just a shame the way Delph departed, as he could have left on good terms if he didn’t state he was staying twice. Let’s just hope Tim can bring in another striker who can help score the goals for the team and also use Ayew, Kozak, Agbonlahor and even Robinson to his advantage, as there are goals in that forward line and also in midfield.

      Thank you for your comment!


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