Just days after committing his future to the club, captain Fabian Delph decided to leave in an £8 million pound move that took him to Manchester City. This alone would have sparked a little anger from fans after his statement about loyalty when he signed a new contract in January but, after what he said six days before leaving, fans are furious.
Delph really couldn’t have looked any more foolish in the process of completing this move. On July 11th, he issued a statement, saying:
“I’m aware there has been intense media speculation surrounding my future in the last twenty-four hours and I want to set the record straight. I’m not leaving. I’m staying at the football club and I can’t wait for the start of the season and captaining this great football club.”
Now that he has joined Manchester City, he claims that the initial decision to stay at Aston Villa was because of his love for the club and that meant he wasn’t thinking of his own future:

“Leaving Aston Villa Football Club is the hardest decision I have ever had to make. I have had some amazing times and made great friends during my time at the club. I will always be thankful to them for giving me the opportunity to play in the Premier League.

As has been widely reported, I initially turned down the opportunity to join Manchester City. That decision was purely down to the love I have for Aston Villa and their great supporters.

When I was made captain of Villa it was a huge honour for me and I took the responsibility incredibly seriously. I signed a new contract last season with the view of staying at the club for the duration of the deal and never with the intention of leaving a year later.

My decision to stay initially was purely based on the emotion and feelings that I hold for the club and the people there rather than looking at the football opportunity that had been placed in front of me.

I have been immensely proud to captain such a great club and want to thank everyone at Aston Villa – most importantly the fans – for the amazing support they have shown me during my time there.

I am now excited for the future with Manchester City and helping the club to succeed in the coming season and beyond.”

This incredible U-turn means most Villa fans have lost the respect they had for Delph and his duplicity has sparked a lot of anger, which fans of a range of clubs have expressed online.
I am surprised that Delph has moved to City considering that two former City players are in our squad, both of whom had their careers put on hold at the Etihad, where they ended up as bench warmers before being shipped out on loan. I would have thought he’d have learned a valuable lesson from Richards and Sinclair.
Also, the £8 million that we are getting out of this deal is below what you could expect for a player like Delph. That is what we paid for him when he was young and still had a lot to prove. If he is good enough for City and good enough for the international squad, he must be worth more than £8 million. While £8 million is better than nothing, it leaves a very bitter taste in the mouth.
Delph, referred to as ‘the new Judas’ by one fan, may well have had mixed emotions about his move to Manchester but his lies about loyalty are what have enraged fans. I can guarantee that Delph will be booed by thousands of Villa fans the next time he visits Villa Park – and he deserves it. Once again, we have seen that talk is cheap and that loyalty is as rare as silverware at Aston Villa Football Club.
Fabian Delph can be replaced. In fact, his replacement is waiting in the wings and could prove to be a better player before long. What will be more difficult is Delph restoring his reputation and progressing as a footballer – but that’s his problem, not ours.


  1. I get that you Villa fans are miffed with Delph. It’s not so long ago that City had their players plundered by anyone with enough money, but don’t take the moral high ground – Villa did exactly the same with Delph and Milner when they were at Leeds.

    For whats it’s worth, I think Delph chnged his mind when he found out you were gonna sell Benteke.

  2. He’s joined a plastic club and I hope he has a sore ass after sitting on the bench all season. Whoever agreed to put the 8 mill clause in his contract should be fired. We have just sold our best midfielder, in his prime, British, now a regular in the England team, to the richest club on the planet for a miserable sum of 8 million. Only at Villa could that be allowed to happen.

    • Plastic football club? This is coming from a supporter of a team who sells only 70% of tickets per match! Villa are a laughing stock to football

  3. George how is City a ‘plastic club’ because they have rich owner? Something every club in the leagues fans are always wanting, including yourselves. Slagging other club will only have they’re fans giving it back. While I agree with the way it all happened being wrong on by Delph’s part I can see why he’s left. I believe villa have had new investors? But the first thing they do is sell the clubs best players? After Benteke was going I believe he seen the writing on the wall and thought ‘I out’. I for one have heard this guy speak and I can tell you, and I think you know Delph never said “I’m aware there has been intense media speculation surrounding my future in the last twenty-four hours and I want to set the record straight.” not a chance He have said something more like ‘ Nu I gowin nu where, it’s papa talk’ Somebody clear told his what to say and he foolishly agreed while all the time thinking ‘will this chance come ever again?’ Ican’t blame him for the move but what he did was idiocy.

  4. Get real! You did the to Leeds when they were struggling.
    didn’t here any of the Villa fans saying it’s not right at the time.
    And what do you mean a plastic club?
    and ” you hope he has a sore are sitting on the bench”
    and yet you say he’s your best midfielder??
    I suppose you think he’s not good enough for us??
    Then whine you sold him cheap!
    I think he realises that he’s better off with us than with
    A team that has a twerp like you

  5. Plastic club George?

    You clearly want someone to blame, i’d look closer to home, your chairman for instance? In my opinion, for what its worth, Delph was talked into staying at Villa, only to see them sell Benteke a week later. Like all footballers, he wants to do well.

    I hope Villa do do well, Man City have no beef with you (fans that is), no you probably cant compete with our owners, we are lucky, never thought it would happen to us. But you can compete with Southampton, Everton, Newcastle, Swansea etc and build a good side, your chairman wants out. If we hadnt come in for Delph, someone else would have.

  6. Don’t know why so many man city fans are on our website? Delph is a lying scumbag. End of. As for criticising our fans oh how short your memories are. Your ground has been half empty for year after year before you won the Asian lottery. We have witnessed untold rubbish for a long time now so what do you expect? When we bought Delph off Leeds it was a financial boost they needed. We have had our captain snatched from us for peanuts by the world’s richest club. How do you expect us to react? Do you think we should be grateful FFS?


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