West Ham lead the way with ticket prices

The Premier League is nothing without fans

Aston Villa Football Club is regarded as one of the cheapest in terms of ticket prices in the Premier League – and the club’s officials love to let us know that statistic.

They might be correct. However, ticket prices are still too high for football matches.

Recently, West Ham United played their first Europa League match for a few years and because they knew they would struggle to fill their stadium dropped ticket prices in all areas of the ground to just £10 for adults and £5 for under-16s.

So a family of four could have gone to that game (which the Hammers won, by the way) for just £30, which is cheaper than the average Premiership ticket.

They haven’t stopped there though. They will be moving to the Olympic Stadium next season and because they have more seats available and knowing they can make more money, they have once again given something back to their supporters.

They will offer an adult season ticket for just £289, which works out at a bargain £15.20 a game, with under-16s coming in at £99 a season,  which equates to £5.21 a game.

Some will argue that they have only done this because they have a much bigger ground that they need to fill. Who cares? The fans are the people who will benefit and it is about time.

I pay slightly less than double what West Ham will be charging adults next season and I will continue to go for as long as I can afford to – it’s just what I do. Nevertheless, some aren’t as lucky and should Villa follow West Ham’s lead the club would go close to filling Villa Park for every home game and make a lot of families very happy in the process.

I am a big supporter of the Football Supporters’ Federation yet I have never understood why they only protest about away ticket prices. They have been pushing the ‘twenty’s plenty’ campaign for some time now and some clubs are starting to sit up and take note.

Just imagine what they could do if they attacked ticket prices on the whole. If West Ham United, based in London, one of the most expensive cities in the country, can reduce prices why can’t every other football club do the same?

I just hope that with the new television money in football and West Ham leading the way, other clubs will take note and not just for the sake of football but for the average working class family. Something a football club must remember is that, as much as fans will claim that they are devoted to their football clubs, watching live football is a hobby and when the pennies start to dry up a hobby is usually one of the first things to stop being funded.


  1. West Ham fan here, We are very lucky with our owners they are fans and they’ve invested so much into the club, if the Icelandic owners stayed in charge we may not be around today or probably in league 2! I’ve heard that they are going to do £10 tickets for most Europa league games. And we’re lucky that we will be able to offer low prices at the OS Because we’re renting the stadium so cheap. However a lot of rival fans think that this is unfair on the taxpayer to a certain extent I agree but if we didn’t get the stadium there would be a 400 million pound stadium sitting there empty! I personally think we will fill the stadium also for example my season ticket at west ham is £855 and at the OS will be £799 so not a big difference but you can see why people can’t afford to get tickets. With the cheap season tickets, the kids for a quid and they’ll probably offer tickets for free to some people just to get them in and then in the future they’ll buy tickets. They’ve made a real big deal of getting kids in as they’ll be our fan base of the future

  2. Yes it’s true they have some cheap tickets high up and not in prime locations eg behind the goal, they had WH supporters on the radio, still majority paying £850 and more on averagenn1


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