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What if the worst happens?

By now, people might be thinking about what will happen if the Villans do get relegated. While it is something that fans don’t want to consider, it’s a possibility and therefore should be looked into.

What would happen to our great club if the worst happened? Below are a few things which, as fans, we should be prepared for:

Firstly, will we have a new owner if we go down? With Randy Lerner travelling around Europe, speculation about our takeover has again increased in the last week. It seems to be an unwritten rule that we will only be sold if we stay in the Premier League. With the crazy amount of money involved in the new television deal, Aston Villa Football Club should have become a more attractive acquisition to buyers. Depending on who the buyer is, they may still want to buy the club even if we do go down and then rebuild from there. One thing not to forget is that modern football is a business, whether we like it or not.

Secondly, what will happen to our current players? I believe that some players are loyal to the club, such as Agbonlahor, and would choose to stay due to their love for the club. However, I believe players who are only playing at the club for the money and to further their careers, Sanchez and Gil for example, would not have signed for Villa in the Championship, and they would seek pastures new. There can be no doubt that most of our players can demand decent fees, like Benteke and Okore, and players like these may want to play for Premier League clubs so could seek an early exit. On top of this, the club wouldn’t necessarily receive the asking prices for these players as officials scramble to assemble a new squad in time for the start of the Championship season. Not only would we lose players, we wouldnt receive the rightful fees and the confidence levels at the club would deteriorate.

Thirdly, what would happen to the fans? It is no secret that it has been a real struggle to fill our stadium this season. At the worst possible times for our players, we have seen empty seats all around the ground, which is rubbish. Our club should regularly sell out for Premier League games, as was the case in the days of Martin O’Neill. If we do drop down to the Championship, we are going to see less fans attending games which would be both demoralising and damaging financially. In contrast, clubs like Norwich and Bournemouth, at the top of the Championship, are able to sell a lot of tickets. Considering this, it may not all be bad as long as we are challenging for promotion.

Finally, would Sherwood want to stay at Villa? Perhaps not – but would we want him anyway? If he can’t keep us up then what is the point of having him? Of course, I would like to think he can keep us up but we have put a lot of pressure on him and if he can’t deliver then I think some would lose faith in him, like we finally did with Lambert.

Like everyone else, I want Aston Villa to be the best midlands club. What I don’t want is to end up like Birmingham City, stuck in England’s second tier.

This may seem very negative but it is something that we all have to be prepared for if Sherwood and his players can’t work their magic and keep us up. All we can do is keep believing and supporting the team. UTV!

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